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5 Reasons You Might Want a 1 Page Website

One Page Websites

The one page website is becoming increasingly popular in this fast moving world in which viewers have hundreds or even thousands of website choices. The key to keeping viewers on a website is to make the site as easy to navigate as possible with content that is interesting and engaging. For some online businesses a 1 page website can execute just that.

How Does Google Respond to 1 Page Websites?

Easier for the User to Navigate

A one page site typically loads quickly, reducing the time the user has to sit and wait for the site information to appear on the screen. When these load times are lengthy, some users leave the site and go to the next one hoping to get information faster. A one page site, with all information laid out in a logically flowing format, usually eliminates the need for a navigation system which can sometimes be confusing to some users. Viewing the content on one page is faster and does not require the user to wait for a page to refresh.

Better for the Budget

A one page website is ideal for small businesses with limited marketing budgets as well as companies that just need a basic web presence. This type of website does not require an in-depth site map, a complicated navigation system, lengthy content or other features that tend to drive the cost up. The one-pager is also easier to maintain than a more complex site. With all basic information contained on the one page, the only maintenance requirements would be adding items like price increases or reductions, special sales or new products and services.

Here are some examples of 1 page websites we have built:

Quality over Quantity

When putting together a one page marketing website, there is no need for a lot of filler material. The information contained on the site can be straight to the point, giving users a quality over quantity experience with virtually all information on the site being useful. Most users desire content that is concise and easy to understand. With so many websites that offer the same products and services available on the internet, the most read sites are those that enable users to find what they are looking for quickly and find the solutions on the site easy to understand.

Higher Conversion Rates

The conversion rate of a one page marketing website refers to the number of hits on the site that turn into purchases made online, appointments scheduled by users or phone calls from users seeking more information. Sites that contain all information on one page often attract more users as a search engine rank will apply to the entire page, and the site with higher core content density may attract more search engine spiders. This all tends to bring more user traffic to the site and increased potential for sales.

Opportunities for Creative Design

Keeping the information on a one page website concise, making the site easy on the users’ eyes and ensuring that the content flows logically so that users may obtain useful information quickly are all important features of a successful website. However, there is still opportunity to be creative in the design of the site. In fact, the very first thing that may cause users to stay on a one page marketing website to view the content may be an innovative design that grabs users and holds their attention.

Consumers looking to buy products or contract for services are bombarded with websites that presumably offer what they need. It is the site that loads quickly, requires the least navigation and features fairly simple content that will likely attract the most users in this fast-paced world in which we live today.

2 Responses to “5 Reasons You Might Want a 1 Page Website”

  1. Brian says:

    Hey Guys, Love the concept and the examples look pretty sharp. I’m wondering though whether some of the examples veer away from the goal of simple and user friendly, such as

    Did you have any doubts about the dynamic elements on the page? Ie the moving menus, floating leaves etc. Were you at all concerned that this would take away from the goal of simple user friendly navigation? If so, I’m wondering what your thoughts were when you made the decision to move ahead.

    • 36creative says:

      Simplicity and UX is on the forefront of anything we do… but engaging the user in a fun and creative way, especially for this type of visitor, was also important. Vibrant Villages isn’t a Target, TJ Maxx, or your local Accountants website–you don’t go there, engage, and leave not phased. Because the service Vibrant Villages offers is so unique your experience on the website needs to leave you informed, wowed, and wanting to go back and share your experience with others. When concepting the idea for Vibrant we wanted to take the user on a journey by telling a story and supplying the visuals such as the parallax movements leading into one another, leaves falling, large imagery, updated events, and engaging elements. Combined, the website now paints a better picture and tells a story of what Vibrant Villages does, and because it is so engaging and different it’s now a memory in your head.

      Whether it’s flat and simple or parallax and engaging our clients deserve what works best for them. Have you seen this one we did: