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How the New Star Wars Movie Could Be the Best Marketing Ever Seen

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is one of the most anticipated movies in the history of the world. Although people get excited about seeing movies all the time, those behind the Star Wars franchise are absolute geniuses. Here are some of the ways in which they are showing us all how it’s done, one event after the next, with fantastic Star Wars marketing.

“Force Friday”

Star Wars memorabilia and merchandise has always been in high demand, and Disney decided to make the most of it on September the 4th on what they dubbed “Force Friday”. On this date, Disney unveiled – for a solid 18 hours – a collection of merchandise and toys associated with the new film, slated for release in theatres around the world on December the 18of this year. In this sense, Disney in all of its brilliance utilized mass appeal to sell millions upon millions of dollars of merchandise for a movie that has not even been released. It’s a brilliant Star Wars marketing technique.

Heartwarming Social Media Stories

You may have seen the story of Daniel Fleetwood in your Facebook news feed the last couple of weeks. If you have not, it is certainly one that will tug at your heartstrings. Fleetwood, a 32-year-old lover of all things Star Wars, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and knew his time was short. He appealed directly to Disney with his dying wish, which was to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens before he died. Disney, in an unprecedented event, reached out to Fleetwood to confirm that they would allow him to view a still unedited version of the film, and he got his wish not long after. Fleetwood died just this past week, but the heartwarming story reached millions.

Movie Release Timing

There is no denying that the Star Wars marketing franchise is already huge. Millions of people around the world collect memorabilia and are always on the lookout for more. Disney’s decision to release the movie just a few days before the holidays is certainly a brilliant one; they know that this is the time of year when people will be on the lookout for toys for their children and memorabilia for all of the Star Wars fans in their lives. You can find toys and merchandise on the shelves in most major retailers, and the upcoming debut is definitely driving sales. The sale of products tied to the franchise are expected to bring in more than $5 billion for Disney in the first year alone.

Disney Wins – Even if the Movie Disappoints

Not that anyone anticipates the new Star Wars movie to be a flop, Disney has the right idea with its “Force Friday” and merchandise sales. The giant is already generating millions upon millions in revenue, and as far as anyone knows, only one fan has had the opportunity to view the (albeit unedited) film. This means that even if the movie sinks and ticket sales plummet, they will have already sold enough merchandise to make up for it – and then some.

Disney knows exactly what it is doing thanks to more than a century in the business, and there is no denying that their marketing for the new movie has even the most knowledgeable professionals in awe. Many, many businesses could learn a thing or two from the company’s attitude toward Star Wars marketing.