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5 Things all Great Brands have in Common

There are certain qualities that any successful brand possesses which all others strive to achieve. When you are making company branding decisions for your own organization, consider the following essential elements that the greatest of brands share.

1: Consistency

Good branding is ubiquitous, but it is always consistent wherever it appears. If you close your eyes, you can probably envision the Coca-Cola brand logo. This appears on products, vending machines, billboards, print advertisements, TV ads, and much more, but no matter where it shows up, it always looks the same. That level of consistency breeds recognition. People nowadays don’t even have to see the individual letters that make up Coca-Cola’s logo to know what they are looking at, and it’s largely because the logo looks the same everywhere it is displayed.

2: Prominence

A good brand doesn’t get lost in the bells and whistles of an ad, no matter how busy that ad may seem to be. Whether you are dealing with print ads, billboards, or TV commercials, you should always make sure to design the advertisement around your brand’s logo. Furthermore, you should make sure that your brand is prominent throughout whatever ad you choose. Nobody should be left guessing what you are advertising – they should be able to know what brand they are looking at from the very first glance.

3: Attentiveness

Image and visual flair is only one part of good branding. Another big part is attentiveness and response to the marketplace. You should make sure that you have a clear and easy way for your customers to get in touch with your business. Pay attention to social media channels and online feedback. This will allow you to adapt appropriately and make sure that your brand always stays relevant even when your audience changes.

4: Honesty

Marketing a great brand is all about accentuating the positive and downplaying the negative, but that doesn’t give your marketing team a reason to lie. A team behind a strong brand should never deliberately mislead customers or tell lies about the product. Instead, focus on the brand’s strengths and use that as a way to reach out to new audiences. A strong brand doesn’t need to do anything more than point out the many positive things that customers already associate with it.

5: Activity

The creators of great brands don’t sit on their laurels, even when their products take off and turn into major successes. A brand that gets big overnight but whose owners don’t capitalize on that success tend to fade away just as quickly. You should make sure you keep your brand active and out there, constantly refreshing it and reinventing it to fit the changing needs of your audience.

Good branding requires constant maintenance and refreshing. If you are vigilant, responsive to your customers, and make sure that you keep your branding visible at all times, you are taking the most essential steps you need to make your brand a strong one. From there, the different between a good brand and a great one is largely a matter of effort.