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What’s the Most Important Generation to Market to Right Now?

Marketing techniques tend to differ depending on what is being marketed and whom it’s being marketed for. For those universal products that could be marketed to anyone, it can be difficult to choose one specific group to market to. Marketing to generations can be a challenge, but some of the best results can be achieved by marketing towards the children of the Baby Boomers; typically referred to as Generation Y, or, more commonly, the Millennial generation.

The Information Must Flow

Generation Y has lived for a few decades now, and in that time have experienced a nearly instant access to information and entertainment. The information that a Millennial has access to is available in a highly convenient form. Marketing techniques catered towards this group should reflect that; messages need to be consistent, up-to-date, and easily available. This can mean a number of things; it can mean an up-to-date website, it can mean consistent advertising, or it can mean social media. Social media platforms are still highly popular across this generation, and are a good way to provide up-to-date information in a way that they are familiar with and prefer.

Try Something Different

This generation is often seen as being very adept technologically. This means that they are extremely used to seeing advertisements everywhere. They exist on the sidebars of web pages, they’re everywhere on television, they pop up on mobile phones, and they’re all over public transit systems. This is the kind of environment that gives people an exceptional ability to tone out and ignore advertisements of all kinds. Marketing to generations who are able to ignore ads can be something of a difficult task. Ultimately, the key lies in creative advertising; coming up with different mediums to carry a message, and new ways of standing out. Ads that don’t stand out ultimately are lost in the crowd.

Solitary Solidarity

A somewhat uncommon – albeit effective – strategy is one that gives the consumer the ability to make decisions for themselves. With all of the information available to Generation Y, it is understandable that they like to be informed, and prefer to make their own decisions. As such, it makes sense that pressuring such an individual to buy your product is not a strategy that is likely to work too well. This makes the experience for them quick and hassle-free, and gives them the feeling of a freedom to make their own choices based on their own knowledge and biases. Many online sellers take full advantage of this strategy by giving their customers all of the information they need in one single, simple web page.

Marketing to generations can be a difficult task, especially for those who aren’t a part of the generation they’re trying to market towards. Fortunately, there are a lot of individuals around who are a part of that generation and can explain exactly how they like the world presented to them, and these preferences can be easily adapted into a marketing technique that helps you to stand out from all the noise and make your message heard.