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5 Industries the Apple Watch Could Disrupt to All Hell

Since its release, the Apple Watch appears to have taken the world by storm – especially by the tech savvy community and others who insist on having the latest gadgets as soon as they hit store shelves. Although the device has been classified as ‘just another gadget’ to many, it has been suggested that it could cause a fair amount of disruption to a good few industries.

1. Payments

Apple has announced the release of Apple Pay, which is their latest one touch payment system that is able to work in conjunction with the watch to completely replace physical credit or debit cards. The system works easily by enabling users to connect directly to a retailer’s point of sale system and approve payment by tapping on the wristband. While there are already mobile payment options available, this one looks set to overtake them in the blink of an eye.

2. Traditional Watches

It has been said that the Apple Watch could cause a dent in the traditional watch industry amounting to as much as $5 billion, because few people are wearing regular watches these days as it is. Unlike regular watches, the Apple display can be completely customized to suit the needs of the wearer. Although regular watches will always remain the cheaper option, users of these tech devices usually fall into the category of people who are willing to pay the right price for items that enhance their lives.

3. Fitbit and other Fitness Devices

These industries could find themselves in the deep end of the pond shortly, because the Apple Watch is able to perform exactly the same functions as they can – and a whole lot more. Features such as step counting, sleep monitoring, hydration levels, weight fluctuations and much more will be able to be monitored by this nifty device. It has been speculated that pro athletes may be considering using the device to help improve performance.

4. Health Care

Implementing the use of this device could result in huge changes being made in the healthcare industry. For a start, it is able to be synced directly with Apple’s HealthKit. This enables blood pressure, heart rates, blood sugar and other important figures pertaining to a patient’s health to be tracked and carefully monitored. It could even end up being used as a remote monitoring device, enabling doctors to monitor the health of patients after leaving hospitals.

5. Fashion

Apple’s latest release will more than likely make it fashionable to wear watches once again, which will in turn give fashion designers something fresh and new to work with. Because the tech giant is relying heavily on the fashion industry to provide exposure, it has gone as far as hiring Angela Ahrendts – former CEO of Burberry – to fill the post of retail chief.

It’s not every day that a device as popular as the Apple Watch is introduced to the public. However, the company has certainly managed to outdo itself this time round.