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36creative Takes Second Place at Brandathon 2015

Last week, 36creative took second place at this year’s Brandathon event with our marketing campaign for a family and their 9 Lazy Kidz brand of full-flavored hot sauces. In just 72 hours, we managed to put together a comprehensive rebrand and marketing campaign that will undeniably help them find even more future success.

About the Brandathon

The idea behind the Brandathon, put on by the Boston Ad Club, is to bridge the gap between startup companies and marketing agencies. They pair creative teams with various startup businesses in a 72-hour campaign contest. The winning agency teams wins cash and the startups gain access to a number of resources and of course, a complete rebrand. Other participating agencies included DigitasLBi, SapientNitro, Hill Holiday, Arnold Worldwide, and many others. This year marked the second annual event.

Who Are the 9 Lazy Kidz?

The 9 Lazy Kidz startup is the brainchild of a couple of parents who wanted to create a product that would not only taste great, but also reflect the personalities of each one of their nine children. As such, 36creative had a major task ahead of them. They had nine different hot sauces to makeover and had to find a way to make each one not only memorable but desirable to the everyday shopper. The team chose to focus on the all-natural, spicy, fruity flavors named after each of the nine children.

The Team behind the 36creative Presentation and Overcoming Challenges

Brian Grossman, our Art Director and Trent Sanders, one of our Managing Partners led our team create an astounding marketing campaign for their clients, all in just 72 short hours. During the presentation, they noted how difficult it was to overcome the already saturated hot sauce market. As such, they focused on mothers who did not mind spending a little more to purchase high-quality products and on people who appreciate quality in general. They wanted to create a campaign focused on family, but they also wanted to stay away from advertising the spiciness of the sauces since this is too in line with the competition.

“Born with Flavor”

In our presentation, we spoke about the tagline we chose, “Born with Flavor”. This tagline does not refer to the spiciness of the product in any way; rather, it refers to the way in which each and every one of the nine sauces bursts with delicious, all-natural fruit flavors. We decided to focus on the playfulness of the brand; from the logo to the product labeling, and each label containing a story about the associated child. Strategies we presented included bright digital advertising, mobile friendliness, and social media. We even incorporated in-store marketing by placing signs in the aisles containing related foods, such as chips.

Experience Counts

Finding success in this event could be in part due to 36creative’s history of working with startups. Over the course of the last decade, our agency has worked with startups of all shapes and sizes. From local businesses and mom and pop shops to emerging tech companies and big pharma product launches, the agency has no shortage of experience when it comes to bringing a new idea to market. One Massachusetts-based company, Traveling Vineyard, has been able to attribute its meteoric rise in sales to the rebrand and marketing strategy put together by the agency. “Their work rocks, and we have some awesome results to prove it.” says Rick Libby, president of Traveling Vineyard “We wanted more qualified leads. We got what we wanted and we now are receiving a 700% increase in our lead stream.”

Making Waves

Although the 36 didn’t take first place this year, our small agency certainly put forth an amazing effort. Taking second place over some of the biggest marketing firms in the US will undoubtedly make waves in the Boston agency community. The entire event was fun and creative, a great experience for everyone involved at the agency. Now, all we can do for now is wait for next year… we’re coming for first.

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