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How Brick & Mortar Uses Social Media

Everybody's Doing It

There is not a business on this planet that cannot receive some sort of positive impact when it comes to social media. Even smaller mom & pop brick and mortar businesses are now really starting to leverage the raw power of social media to communicate with their customers and build their brand.

The folks at HUA Marketing recently put together this great infographic piece showcasing just how those businesses are using social media to their advantage.

Brick and Mortar Using Social Media

One Response to “How Brick & Mortar Uses Social Media”

  1. Al Getler says:

    Small and medium size business should be branching out into social media. It is important to communicate to present customers and potential customers.

    Getting noticed in this noisy world is the biggest issue. My message is simply this: Your local newspaper (in our case, Media Company) is still the best place to advertise and raise brand awareness.

    On the web, you are competing with the world, so your SEO better be well tuned. In local media, you are delivering a message to people in close proximity to your business.

    And this BS that newspapers are dead is just that; BS.

    We have 25,000+ apps on smart phones and over 1 million unique visitors viewing hundreds of thousands of pageviews. Of our readers, over half use their smart phne to view our content. And here is the kicker: we reach over 100,000 households in the Merrimack Valley of MA and NH.

    Keep up the good work, Steve & Trent.