The Mystery

An air of mystery has surrounded a Clear Channel billboard that recently went up on the I-90 extension outside of Logan Airport. Against a black background, a bold white headline reads, “GOOGLE ’36CREATIVE.'” Those who follow the directive are led to the website of 36creative, an Award-Winning Creative Agency based in Salem, New Hampshire. But critical questions remain, most prominently, “Why the hell would a Creative Agency buy a billboard — don’t they know it’s 2018?”

The Billboard

“The brevity and mystery of 36creative’s billboard design shows a great way to utilize out-of-home to build buzz around a brand,” said Brittany DeRuosi, Marketing Manager, and Bethany Sorrentino, Account Executive of Clear Channel Outdoor – Boston. “It’s the ideal medium for highlighting the talent of a creative agency such as 36creative.”

36creative Managing Partner, Steve Gabriel, described the billboard as “marketing in its simplest form.” He also added, “We’re using direct, strategic messaging that is not only engaging but also drives the viewer to take action; plus, it’s pretty cool to be able to say, ‘We own a damn billboard.'”

The Strategy

The billboard coincides with the launch 36creative’s new website, which features a modern look and premium user experience. The overall campaign strategy is designed to showcase how 36creative looks at things differently — and that working with 36 is a unique and refreshing experience.

“We’re blending traditional marketing, which — believe it or not — remains relevant, with new digital marketing strategies,” explained Managing Partner Trent Sanders. “It’s a powerful combination that’s helping us achieve significant impact — in our case, brand awareness. Not to mention more love letters from clients, which also happens to be a traditional form of communication.”

The Results

The campaign has delivered an impressive 65% increase in website traffic, as out-of-home advertising typically results in a 40% increase on average. The 36creative team is very pleased with how well it’s performing, and are eager to create more powerful yet simplistic marketing campaigns.