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1. discover

What would a final product look like with no understanding of the business, market, or consumer? Not very good at all. So we take the time to roll up our sleeves and do everything from positioning workshops to management interviews. Then we analyze the data and current practices, and look into how it all translates for your brand and consumer engagement.

2. plan

In the planning phase, we look at the entire picture; turning our knowledge into a defined set of goals, personas, and an overall strategic vision. With a solid agreement and plan in place, we’ll work together to focus, push one another, and test our boundaries.

3. creation

This part of the process is where the magic happens. Strategy is translated into tactics; cross-platform teams are brought together to get to the heart of the challenge; and ultimately, the product is fine-tuned with the help of client feedback, testing, and a little marketing faith.

4. launch

Launch is such an invigorating word, and it’s so simple. Launch party. Launch pad. Launch it. Well, if only it was that simple. At this point, we have a product that we are ready to show the world: interactive, advertising collateral, online marketing. Now it is time to put it out there.

5. evaluate

Ideally, all of our initiatives are measured for performance because, if our products aren’t performing, then what are we doing this for? So we gather data, evaluate the success of each of the decisions we made along the way, and try to better understand where we have been successful. Then we make it better for the next time. Of course, marketing is an art, not a science, so this piece of the puzzle allows us to work fluidly; doing a little trial and error to improve with each project.

6. evolve

We tell our clients at the beginning of each project that this is only the start of something great. If we just put something out and forget it, then we miss the most critical step: evolution. This means understanding what the consumer is telling us, reacting, staying smart, and staying fast on our feet. In today’s technological world, we have the tools to evolve and improve our solutions quickly, to create even better conversations and experiences.