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Tranquilo Wins MassChallenge Event

Every now and then, a new product hits the market that is so unique, so helpful, and so disruptive that it takes the digital world by storm. That’s exactly what has happened with Tranquilo, a unique new baby mat designed to mimic the sounds and motions babies experience inside the womb. 36creative is proud to announce that Tranquilo is the winner of the 2016 MassChallenge and its $50,000 grand prize.

What Is Tranquilo?

Parents of newborns can testify to the fact that babies sometimes just cry. They aren’t hungry, they don’t need a diaper change, and they aren’t too hot or too cold. Newborns often go through a phase known as the “fourth trimester” in which they must adjust to life outside the womb. Whereas babies are constantly exposed to warmth, sounds, and motion during pregnancy, this is often no longer the case after birth.
Tranquilo helps babies transition into their new worlds by providing soothing sound and vibration that mimics those heard and felt while in the womb. It calms babies within seconds, giving parents a chance to catch their breath and rest comfortably in the knowledge that their babies are happy and comfortable. People are truly amazed at Tranquilo’s capabilities.

About Melissa Gersin

Melissa Gersin has worked as a maternity nurse in one of Boston’s leading hospitals for the last six years. She’s helped hundreds of new parents learn the basics of baby care, and she’s taken care of hundreds of babies herself. After years of seeing infants upset and obviously uncomfortable for what would appear to be no real reason, Gersin deduced that these infants were simply struggling to adjust to life outside the womb.
With no knowledge of engineering, product development, or business, Gersin created Tranquilo and developed a prototype. She’s now founded a complete company – Ovia Healthcare – and is watching her vision come to life. She brought Ashley Coon on board in 2016 who helped her grow her healthcare company online, thus securing the brand’s name and reputation.

Annual MassChallenge Contest

The MassChallenge contest takes place annually in Boston. There are hundreds of applicants, and only a handful of these move on to the finals where they get access to mentors, workshops, and an international support network. It’s considered a no-equity accelerator program that helps launch the best new businesses to the top. Gersin’s company won $50,000 equity-free to put toward the new company and further expand Tranquilo. In fact, Gersin says MassChallenge helped make Tranquilo the scalable brand she envisioned, and she’s excited to see its growth. New parents and caregivers can purchase Tranquilo online.
Tranquilo is one of the best new products of 2016, and its growth in 2017 is expected to be exponential. Parents and caregivers around the world have ordered the soothing baby mat and experienced happier, calmer infants. Although it is recommended for babies from birth to three months of age, pediatricians agree that it is a great idea for older babies, as well, since the gentle sounds and vibrations help these babies calm down and drift off into sleep.