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36creative Launches New Website for Egan

The Egan Company has been providing contracting services for more than 70 years to people throughout Minnesota, and they’ve certainly built a reputable name for themselves along the way. Recently, 36creative had the pleasure of redesigning the Egan website to help them provide better, more user-friendly customer service.

What Does Egan Do?

Egan is a Minnesota-based contracting company that specializes in project management, system upgrades, and more across a variety of industries. The company specializes in mechanical, electrical, glass, metal, fabrication, process controls system integration, and much more. In fact, they’ve helped numerous companies across the state achieve their goals. This includes the Woodbury City Place retail facility, Seagate Technology, the University of Minnesota, and even the state’s solar farms.

36creative worked hard to capture the company’s diversity and extensive knowledge in its new website. It’s easy for those who are interested in the provided services to see just how much Egan can help. The website sections are easy to understand, and they represent the very best of what Egan has to offer, too.

The Newly Redesigned Site

36creative took a powerful approach when it came to colors and fonts on Egan’s new website. They choose black as the primary color due to its neutrality; black also represents qualities such as power, sophistication, and quality – all of which are at the heart of Egan’s mission. For the accent, gold seemed like the most logical choice as it also reflects high quality and luxury. The combination of the two colors created a profile that is authoritative, clean, and easy on the eyes.

The large, clearly-spaced font makes the website easy for visitors to read, as does the limited amount of text found throughout the site. 36creative chose large all-caps for labels, as these grab the attention and make it easy for visitors to find exactly what they want.

Finally, the newly redesigned site has a few surprises in store for visitors. As an example, on the Projects section of the website, the individual projects seem to come to life as website users hover a mouse over the individual blocks. The images zoom in and turn a shade of blue, and a “Dig Deeper” button appears at the bottom, encouraging visitors to click to learn more about that project.

How the Website Reflects the Brand

The Egan Company is incredibly diverse, and it’s their knowledge and experience that sets them apart from other companies in the local area. That’s why 36creative chose a simple, yet authoritative design for Egan’s new site. The animations when hovering over blocks seem to signify that the visitor has only scratched the surface of what the company can offer, which makes it really stand out. The site also accurately reflects Egan because while the company is easy to work with, they provide a range of complex services that can immensely help their clients.

The Egan website is just one example of how 36creative captures the very heart of a company’s mission and reflects that in its website design. The new site has improved traffic substantially and added to Egan’s ability to provide outstanding customer service.



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