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You’ve done it: taken on the challenge of maintaining your own content on your website. Or perhaps you’re off to write some business-y blogs. Or put together an impassioned email to customers—or customers to be. Regardless of your medium, organizations everywhere agree: the written word is a powerful sales tool. Why then, it is more abused than the free condiment section at your local Wendy’s?
Here are a few grammar pointer to keep in mind as you craft your soon-to-be-perfect prose.

Its vs. it’s: It’s a common mistake that takes its toll on the readability and company professionalism. “It’s” is the contraction between “it is”, while “its” is the possessive form of “it”.

There, they’re, and their: Look over there! It’s a huge grammar error. “There” shows location, “they’re” is the contraction between “they” and “are”, and “their” is the possessive form of “they”.

Your vs. you’re: You’ll find this culprit on hastily-written Twitter posts and beyond. “Your” is the possessive of “you”, and “you’re” is a contraction between “you” and “are”.
We’ll go into some sentence structure do’s and don’ts next time, so keep an eye out!

‘Til next time,