36creative’s client from the 2016 Brandathon, Tranquilo, was named as one of the top ten logos from the eighth season of ABC’s Shark Tank on HubSpot.

What is Tranquilo?

Tranquilo is a revolutionary baby mat which gently vibrates to assist infants adjusting from life inside the womb to life on the outside. Many infants have difficulties with this period in life, which is not only trying for the baby, but also for the exhausted new mother and father who must care for the child.

The soothing vibrations of the mat offer a simulated version of what the baby is used to. When inside the womb, the constant movement of the mother, the whoosh of blood and fluid, and the steady rhythm of a heart beat are comforting.

This unique mat is entirely portable. It can be neatly folded up and taken wherever baby and his parents go. It can be safely used inside cribs, bassinets, and stroller, among other places.

The Logo

Dvornechuck had many good things to say about the Tranquillo logo, designed by 36creative. He found it to be simple (which is one of the main things he believes constitutes a great logo), yet expressive. The script was called playful, which is appropriate for a product designed to be used by babies. Arek said he felt the script embodied the idea of the soothing vibrations. He also stated he felt it was friendly, approachable, and optimistic. The Tranquilo logo made the number eight spot on the list of ten.

A verbatim quote from the article detailing the logos chosen states, in Arek’s own words:

“…these companies definitely made the right hiring decision, whether they hired an independent designer or a design agency, their logos came out well executed.”

The Competition

Tranquilo was a client of 36creative, who was hired to assist in the development of a logo for the 2016 Brandathon. The logo they created was named on HubSpot as one of the top ten logos from the eighth season of Shark Tank. This list was compiled by industry leading brand identity expert, Arek Dvornechuck.

There were 96 logos to seed through for the eighth season of Shark Tank, and each was given a thorough evaluation before making or breaking the list. Among other key items, each logo was judged based upon guidelines as to what is generally agreed makes a good brand. This includes items like distinctiveness, appropriateness, practicality, visual appeal, simplicity, and how well it conveys the intended message.

Who Else Made the List

Nine other logos made the list. These included:

  • Toymail
  • Edn
  • Vibes
  • LaidBrand
  • RinseKit
  • Chirps
  • Biem