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36creative Rebrands Tranquilo from the Recent Brandathon Event

At this year’s Brandathon event, a contest in which marketing agencies and their clients have 72 hours to create full-fledged marketing campaigns, 36creative paired up with the inventor of Tranquilo. This device is a mat for infants that is designed to mimic conditions inside the womb and provide comfort to upset or distressed babies. In just days, 36creative, alongside the owner, completely rebranded the product.

An Overview of Tranquilo

Tranquilo is a mat that vibrates and hums. It’s designed to mimic the sounds and feeling of being inside a mother’s womb, which is incredibly comforting to distressed or colicky infants. It offers several vibration settings and a hum at about 65 decibels, which can immediately provide calming relief to babies and their parents. Tranquilo is perfect for parents, caregivers, day care centers, and more.

Identifying the Problems with Current Marketing Efforts

Like many startup businesses, the idea behind Tranquilo was brilliant, and the device truly works. However, its marketing campaign simply wasn’t doing it justice. 36creative identified a few problems with the owner’s current marketing strategy:

  • Lack of visual harmony – Tranquilo’s owner had some great ideas about marketing. She knew she wanted the main color scheme to be green, but she hadn’t yet chosen the right shade. What’s more, she was unsure about other aesthetic aspects, such as the colors and patterns for the product itself and the typeface used for the logo, the packaging, and more.
  • No focus on safety – 36creative also identified a lack of focus on the safety of the product. When marketing something designed for infants and children, it’s important to reassure buyers and users alike that a product is completely safe.
  • Failure to focus on the effectiveness of the product – Finally, while the owner of Tranquilo did a great job of providing the benefits of the product, there wasn’t enough focus on exactly how amazing the product truly is at soothing an upset baby

What 36creative Did

36creative tackled the three above issues in a variety of ways to help provide the owner of Tranquilo with the type of campaign she wanted – clean, fresh, real, and a bit humorous at the same time.

  • Congruency – The brand’s theme was created in a clean spring green with original hand-drawn typeface designed to mimic a mother’s heartbeat. This provided the harmony and visual congruency needed to tie the brand together.
  • Focus on safety – 36creative also worked to include safety in the marketing campaign. They mentioned that the developer of the product is a nurse and that Tranquilo is manufactured in a facility that understands the rigorous requirements of the FDA when it comes to products designed for infants.
  • Effectiveness – Finally, the company also focused on the fact that the product works immediately to help soothe a fussy baby. In fact, they made it seem “magical” in that it allows parents and caregivers to take a breath, have a cup of coffee, or simply make their little ones feel better.

Old Branding


New Branding


36creative’s rebranding efforts were incredibly successful, and Tranquilo is now the visually appealing, safe, and effective product that its owner wanted it to be from the start. Now, more parents and caregivers will discover this amazing product that can potentially change lives for the better.