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36creative Holds Spring Soiree Event

When companies enjoy success through their clients, many of them like to give back. That’s exactly what 36creative did on April 13 at their first annual Spring Soiree, hosted at the Blochaus Art Gallery in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The successful event allowed 36creative staff, their clients, and their contemporaries to come together for an evening of fine drinks, art, and appreciation.

The Blochaus Art Gallery

The Blochaus is owned by resident artist Mark Comeau, who goes by the artist name of Markus Sebastiano. The owner of 36creative, Trent Sanders, is an artist as well – and he assisted Mark Comeau on his branding campaign for the Blochaus. It seemed the perfect venue for 36creative’s first annual Spring Soiree, and the event was indeed a hit among the staff, the gallery, and the clients who helped 36creative realize its success.

Spring Soirée

A Night of Superior Cocktails and Fine Art

The event was sponsored by several companies who provided drinks or other products and services to help make the night a success. Beer, wine, and spirits were provided by Founders Brewing, Traveling Vineyard, and Effen Vodka. As guests sipped their drinks and mingled with others, they were provided the opportunity to view contemporary art, 75% of which was created by local artists. Artists featured at the Blochaus during the Spring Soiree include:

  • Markus Sebastiano (Blochaus owner Mark Comeau);
  • TNERT (36creative owner Trent Sanders);
  • Free Humanity (Los Angeles);
  • Bryan Grose (Detroit);
  • Karen Jerzyk (Boston);
  • Bob Packert/Red Raven collaborating with Andrew Bablo (Beverly);
  • Jonhen (Lawrence);
  • Jeffrey Erler (Haverhill);
  • Problak (Boston);
  • Soem (Boston); and
  • Dana Wolfe (Beverly).

Also featured were clocks and signs chosen by Mark Oliveri from Café Berlin Antiques. While most of the art was local, some larger and more popular artists like Free Humanity, based in Los Angeles, came in to sell some of their works. Per Comeau, this was done “to create some more attention” for the gallery.

The Future of Blochaus

36creative’s Spring Soiree is only one of three events hosted by the Blochaus, but per the owners, there are many more to come. All art shows have featured a unique, 12-artist rotation in which each artist has one piece. These shows last between three and four months, and they will continue for years to come. Aside from bringing art appreciation to the area, Comeau also alludes to the idea that the gallery would like to become a network hub for those looking to buy and sell local and international contemporary artwork. The Spring Soiree was a great way to showcase the gallery and bring in new names and faces.

36creative’s Spring Soiree is slated to become an annual event thanks to the overwhelming success of the first. Per 36creative Marketing Manager Emma Fairweather, “36 is a family, and when clients become a part of it, we want to make our appreciation known.” They’ve certainly done just that; the company has participated in numerous contests and won multiple awards thanks in part to the clients who trust them.



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