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36creative Launches Newly Redesigned recently launched a brand-new website designed to be easier to use, more appealing to the eye, and more fitting for the brand. The company offers a variety of smart, modern, safe, and affordable gear for babies. Here’s what the new site offers and what users can expect.

Who Is Urbini?

Urbini is more than just an online outlet selling strollers, car seats, and nursery items. In fact, they’ve designed and developed some of the world’s most popular brands for more than 25 years. Each product they create is based on years of research, study, and safety information, which means that parents and caregivers who buy the products can rest assured that they are getting the best value for their money. Urbini sets worldwide standards for manufacturing, safety, design, and innovation with every single product they sell.

Although their target audience is millennials and young parents who want to keep their babies safe and comfortable in style, everyone can benefit from the products offered by Urbini – including caregivers, babysitters, day care operators, and more. The products are designed to be easy to use, and many are convertible to provide parents and caregivers with the versatility they need at prices they can afford.

The Company’s Products

Urbini sells a variety of strollers, car seats, travel systems, and nursery products that are all designed to work together in your daily life. The Avi, Swiftli, and Reversi strollers each offer their own unique sets of benefits to parents and caregivers. The Sonti car seat is gorgeous and designed with your baby’s safety in mind, and it works well with Urbini strollers, too. For parents who want a full travel system, the Omni Plus and Turni options are always great choices, and the Nesti portable napper with storage cubbies and integrated changing table will make travel a breeze.

What the New Offers is a simple, easy-to-use site that gives parents and caregivers access to dozens of products. Upon visiting the site, the first thing they will see is the home page, which captures the brand beautifully in terms of color, font, and style. The home page is extremely neat and clean, which allows users to easily find exactly what they need. The product categories are listed across the top, and clicking any of these takes users directly to the page where they can view the products.

The menu is tucked into the top right corner, and this allows visitors to learn more about the company, get support from consumer care, register their products, or even read frequently asked questions about the site and its owners. The best part is that the site is designed to work well on desktop or laptop computer as well as mobile phones and tablets. This means that consumers can access it from anywhere, at any time, and find the products they need the most.

Urbini continues to set industry standards for modern, affordable, and functional baby gear, and 36creative has worked hard to capture that in the company’s new website. It offers a bold new design, ease of use, and plenty of information to help consumers make decisions.