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5 Steps to a Successful Company Rebrand – Expert Tips

If you have been in business for some time, your current brand may become stale. Rebranding is something many business owners avoid because they feel it is too complicated; however, it can be easier than you think when you follow this step-by-step rebranding guide.

Step #1: Perform External Market Research

During this very important first step, you will try to determine the state of the current market as well as industry trends. You will also examine your competition and attempt to identify your own “white space.” The white space in your market is any opportunity that you could be meeting but are not. After gathering this information, you can then develop buyer personas that are in line with your rebranding goals.

Step #2: Conduct Internal Research

Now that you have a direction, it’s time to find out what your employees and business partners think about them. Hold meetings to discuss a few of your ideas and obtain constructive feedback. Make good notes so that you will be able to refer to them throughout the process. This will allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses to get a better idea as to how the rebrand will affect sales and the way customers view you.

Step #3: Tell your Company’s Story

Everyone is interested in hearing stories these days. You may have already told some of your story, in which case you will need to review it to see how it lines up with your current research. Look for ways to improve on or add to your story based upon your rebranding goals. Keep your personas in mind to develop a story that is catered toward these individuals.

Step #4: Implement the Production Phase

After developing your story, you are then ready to come up with new messaging that will create an enhanced online experience for all. You may also need to overhaul your marketing collateral so that digital ads as well as brochures, banners, and sell sheets align with your new purpose. The production phase is when everything must be carefully checked and rechecked in order to get ready for the final phase: Delivery.

Step #5: Delivery

Once all of your hard work is over, it is time to launch your rebranding effort during the delivery phase. You may think your work is done once this happens, but there is actually more to do. For example, you must ensure your brand is properly implemented, and that marketing materials are consistent with one another. You might also need to make “tweaks” or adjustments to your plan if you are not getting the type of reaction you had anticipated. As such, your rebranding effort will always be something of a work in progress.

Undergoing a rebrand is something that nearly every company will need to do at least once. If you have realized it is time for a rebrand, yet have been overwhelmed by the idea of it, the above guide can help you make sure that no vital element is overlooked.


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