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Tranquilo Mat Featured on Shark Tank

Through its many seasons, ABC’s hit show Shark Tank has shown the world some of the most exciting innovations of our time. This week, on February 10, you can watch Tranquilo face the Sharks. The exciting new baby mat is sure to wow the judges and the rest of the world.

What Is Tranquilo?

Tranquilo is a baby mat that soothes infants through gentle white sounds and vibrations. These sounds and motions are designed to mimic the infant’s experience in the womb, which provides comfort to babies who haven’t quite acclimated to life outside the womb. The white sounds reach about 65 decibels, which is nearly the level of sound an infant hears inside the womb, and it offers several vibration settings so parents can quickly find the one their infants seem to enjoy the most. It even offers “heartbeat” settings that duplicate the sensations created by a mother’s beating heart.

The best part about Tranquilo is that it’s safe, convenient, and easy to use. It comes in a large size that’s perfect for use on a mattress, hard surface, or even a baby activity center. Tranquilo also offers a smaller version that is small enough for use in a car seat by draping it over the baby’s lap once he or she is safely buckled in, and you can even use it inside a baby carrier or wrap to provide further comfort. Both the large and small sizes can be rolled up for easy and lightweight transport.

Tranquilo on Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a hit series on ABC that allows entrepreneurs to pitch their products and ideas to a panel of judges, known as the “Sharks”, in hopes of catching their interest and their investments. While these judges are paid for their participation in the series, any money they promise to invest is their own. This gives entrepreneurs an amazing chance to see their products gain recognition. Most of the time, the investors ask for a percentage of the company’s equity or royalties in exchange for their initial investments. It is ultimately up to the entrepreneur to accept or reject one or more offers.

Tranquilo will be featured on Shark Tank on ABC this Friday, February 10, 9|8c. The Founder and CEO of Tranquilo, Melissa Gersin, is a maternity nurse and a “crying baby specialist” who has truly discovered the key to a relaxed, calm, and happy baby – all in a single, affordable product. Parents across the country can testify that the product truly does work, and Melissa hopes that her opportunity to present her product to the Shark Tank investors will help more parents discover just how amazing a simple baby mat can truly be.

36creative is proud to have been a part of Tranquilo’s brand creation through the Ad Club’s Brandathon event. With an updated logo, brand message, and an opportunity to showcase the product on national television – and perhaps even get some investors on board – Tranquilo is definitely going places, and you’ll likely see it in stores near you very, very soon.


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