Difference Between Brand & Website

The pressure is on many businesses to establish a web presence, and the success of web based commerce points to the fact that this is not only a smart move, but a necessary one. But is it enough to just put up a website for your company? Or is there a little something more?

What is Brand Building?

Building a brand is more than just advertising, it’s creating an emotional connection with the consumer, and it’s not easy to do. When you work on building a brand, you are creating more than just a series of advertisements; you are ensuring that the customer experience is satisfactory from beginning to end. By doing this, you will be rewarded with the kind of loyalty that a catchy jingle or a clever TV spot can never win. Using a combination of advertisement, customer interaction, packaging and overall presentation you will create a personality for your company which a consumer can feel invested in.

How Brand Building Increases Your Revenue

When a customer really believes in a brand, they will return to your company again and again. Not only will you have made a customer for life, but with a properly built brand, you may even get some free advertising out of the deal as well. When a consumer really loves a product, when it works exactly as expected, and every interaction with the company is a pleasure, they will tell everyone they know. When web branding and design is working perfectly, your advertisements won’t just be tolerated; consumers will actively seek them out, and share them with their friends.

Building a Brand with Your Website

So, how does a website contribute to building a brand, and how can you make sure your site is working for you? In the past, advertisement was mostly a one way street. A business put out an advertisement, the customer experienced the ad, and then made a decision about the product, and that was the end of it. Now it’s possible to open a dialogue with a variety of interactive media which can pull a potential consumer in in a way that old style advertising never could. By utilizing this interactivity, your brand can become like a person whom the customer has a relationship with.

Example of 36creative brand building:

Oasys Water

Some Ideas for Internet Branding

The most basic premise of web branding and design is ensuring that the customer feels as though the company’s aims are synonymous with their own. First, ensure that there is plenty of opportunity for customers to leave feedback, and make steps to show that these suggestions are being taken into consideration. Voting for changes to the product can be a great way to help your customers feel invested. Another great idea is a personable, informative and entertaining blog, which creates a “personality” for your brand.

In the past, simply having a web presence was more than enough to make your company seem hip, but now, when the Internet is simply a day to day reality, consumers are going to need more than just a web page to be impressed. By utilizing branding strategies you create not just a consumer, but an audience who will be anticipating new products rather than simply noticing them.