Companies are no longer the only entities marked by Branding. Self branding, or personal branding, is a form of marketing that an individual uses to create a uniform public image that demonstrates his or her values and overall reputation. This branding form is a growing trend among celebrities and represents a successful Marketing Strategy.

Time-Tested Strategy

Hate him or love him, Donald Trump is a modern example of how a personal brand works, but he is by no means the first model that people have for inspiration. Self-branding has been around since 1937. Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, a guide that was inspired by business leader Andrew Carnegie, introduced the idea as a sound business strategy to use in all facets of life, from professional endeavors to personal goals and aspirations. Later books, such as Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, also mention the idea as a way to advance your career and find success in both business and life.

Name Recognition

Self-branding is a good way to promote name recognition in conjunction with various products and services. When a celebrity like Sean Combs creates a clothing line or music recording label, for example, it is instantly recognized by the majority of the public due to his name and Personal Brand. When a self brand is created first in a successful campaign, the products that follow the brand are more likely to succeed in the market. Consumers associate these products with their favorite singers, movie stars and other celebrities, prompting them to desire the products often without even sampling them first.

Personal Connection

Developing a Self-brand is not limited to celebrities. Authors, artists and professionals across the board are learning to develop Personal Brands to help their businesses thrive. Real estate agents who use their own image and Brand in their work find that they make better personal connections with clients. Authors have to market themselves more often than not in the modern economy, and using a self-brand is an effective strategy that works for many new and seasoned authors alike. Professionals and leaders create Personal Brands with websites, literature, and even soundtracks to connect with fans and possible buyers.

Personal Trademark

As more people from all walks of life develop Personal Brands, the term has come to mean an individual’s own personal trademark. Building a Brand with your blog, website and other work helps define not only what you do but who you are. It helps other businesses and leaders decide whether or not they wish to go into business with you, or clients decide if you can meet their needs or not. Your trademark allows the public to take notice of your personal ethics, style, and opinions in general. A personal brand can mean the difference between a new client, a vote, or an empty hand.

Branding from a personal level may not be new, but it is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of Marketing across the board. Learning how to market not only your company or product but yourself is a necessity in the modern world. The use of Self Branding is key to making and retaining deep connections with customers.