When it comes to building a successful company brand, the days of a company’s CEO being able to lurk in the shadows while staff members do all the work are over. These days, consumers are more eager than ever to support a company’s attempt at brand building if they see that members of management are also playing an active part. There are a few ways in which a CEO can assist with a company’s branding strategies.

Regular Activity on Twitter and Facebook

These days, a large number of companies have active Twitter and Facebook accounts. However, not all of them are updated on a regular basis, which can have a negative impact on a company’s brand building strategy. In many cases, general staff members simply do not have the time to update Twitter or Facebook statuses regularly. This is where company CEOs can step in and play an active role in a company’s brand building activities, because they are usually the first port of call with regards to company information and updates being released.

Engaging in Google Hangouts

With Google + becoming one of the most popular social network platforms of all time, it makes perfect sense for a CEO to get involved here. This will not only enable status updates to be scheduled regularly; it will make provision for a CEO to connect with other like-minded individuals and businesses. This is the ideal platform for business ideas to be discussed and brand building ideas to be exchanged in a real-time environment, which further serves to strengthen a company’s branding.

Promoting the Company on LinkedIn

While most other social network platforms serve business as well as personal interests, LinkedIn is purely business-related. This means that a company CEO who has an active profile here will be highly successful at promoting his or her company’s brand. An added advantage of LinkedIn is that it makes provision for a CEO to connect with other CEOs or companies that are located in the same geographic region as they are. This enables face-to-face business meetings to be scheduled as well.

Updating the Company Blog

These days, most business people are aware of the importance of using a blog as a marketing and branding tool. One of the most powerful ways for a CEO to engage in brand building is to play an active role in updating the company blog on a regular basis. This will not only provide clients with regular information updates; it will also show them that the CEO is willing to play an active part in the company’s brand building process. Although it may not always be possible to update the blog daily, even a weekly update is usually sufficient.

In most cases, a company that has a CEO who is actively involved in the branding process is a company that is headed for success. A move like this also shows that each staff member of a company is willing to work as a team in order to encourage growth and prosperity.