Small Branding Efforts

Pulling out all the stops and hiring a branding expert is not always necessary when it comes to Internet branding. Taking a few simple, small yet carefully targeted steps can yield big impacts in your overall business. By spending just a few minutes a day on these proven small-step tactics, you boost both your sales and visitor statistics.

Get Visual

The invention of Instagram, Tumblr and other image-centric, interactive applications is quickly leading the market toward a visual business preference. In short, customers love it when you share photos. Personal photos are important for making a connection and putting a face to your business like never before. Fun photos, however, are also popular. Try adding a funny picture on your business Facebook feed and inviting users to chime in with a caption. They will immediately feel like a part of your page, establishing a lasting connection that is far more powerful than any expensive ad campaign can accomplish.

Skip the Text

Although you obviously need some text to explain your goods and services, you also need to go easy on the text. Just as research shows that modern consumers prefer more visuals in the constant stream of information they receive, they also shy away from text-heavy content. Try using a simple teaser sentence about your goods or services paired with an image to capture consumer interest. Next, provide a link for more information. This allows your customers to have control over the amount of text that they read, building trust and appreciation within your relationship before you even make a sales pitch.

Have Consumers Work for You

Letting your consumers use your brand gets you instant free advertising and visibility across the web. The best way to do this is to host some type of challenge or contest on blogs, websites, and especially social media pages. Create a Twitter hashtag campaign with your brand and ask consumers to share the status for a chance to win a prize. Alternatively, challenge consumers to post photos of themselves with your product on Facebook. This generates more images for your page and connects your brand to all of the people who can view the photo both on your page as well as the customer’s personal page.

Be an Expert

One of the best ways to get consumers to trust your brand is to prove that you are an expert in your niche. Provide frequent tips without giving away the bulk of your product. Produce regular blog content about news regarding your business to show that your company is on the pulse of the current needs and developments of your industry. Try giving away a free eBook with a few tips inside that tease about the greater tips potential clients can expect when they work with your business.

All of these steps are simple to implement and, once established, easy to incorporate into your daily business. Use services like Hoot Suite to schedule your content, making the branding process even simpler. Consider hiring a part-time intern to get started if necessary.