Blue Moon has been known as a craft beer for quite a while already, with its most recent advert and promotional marketing campaign showing an array of stop-motion adverts that depict its ingredients being painted into a picture. In addition, the beer’s ever famous tagline of ‘Artfully Crafted’ has since been replaced as well with ‘Something’s Brewing.’ This has been done in an effort to redefine how the brand is connected with a new level of creativity.

The Idea of Creating

The campaign has marked the debut effort for Venables Bell & Partners of San Francisco, which also won the Blue Moon creative account in 2015. Ashley Selman, the brewer’s VP-marketing for economy and emerging brands, who is also a former senior marketing director at MillerCoors’ craft and import beer division, said, “It’s less about a painting hanging on a wall and it’s really about the idea of creating. And so it’s not just a finished end product, it’s the process of creating.”

In one of the adverts, founder of Blue Moon, Keith Villa, narrates a scene that starts off in Brussels, Belgium – where he earned his Ph.D. in brewing. A form of art known as kirigami has been used to depict the city, and oranges are raining down from the sky while he is describing the creative process surrounding the beer. The oranges played an important part when the brand was first created in 1995. Villa provided a unique angle on the traditional Belgian wheat beer products that involved the use of Valencia orange peels. This gave the beer a sweeter taste, and oats was added to make it creamier as well.

Inspirational Fruit

The craft beer brand has used oranges as marketing tools for quite a while already. However, in this case it has been used “as a source of inspiration versus more of an ingredient story” according to Selman. She noted that future ads would involve artists discussing their various sources of inspiration, and the “Something’s Brewing” tagline is simply a reference to “how creativity evolves and what role it plays in people’s lives.”

Selman also said that Blue Moon’s main goal is to connect with consumers “who also consider themselves very creative and appreciate beers and brands that share that creative spirit.”

New Campaign and New Packaging

An all-new package design will be arriving in stores shortly, which perfectly coincides with the most recent ad campaign. The new design depicts a glass of beer that has been cleverly garnished with an orange, and this will be rolled out across all unit sizes. Plans are underway to open a Blue Moon brewery in Rino, which is situated in the Denver arts district – no need to worry though, the brand will continue operating its Sandlot Brewery that is located in Coors Field as well.

Sales of Blue Moon’s products rose by almost 12% in the past year to a whopping $260 million – and this doesn’t include bar sales figures. At present, the brand has control of just over 7% of the craft beer market.