Back by popular demand are the famous Bud Light team-specific beer cans. Revamped for the 2016-2017 season, Budweiser has partnered with 27 of the 32 NFL teams, creating a more streamlined, minimalist design they hope will help them better celebrate the different franchises. Here’s what you need to know about these Bud Light cans, which will be available very soon.

History of NFL Cans

Bud Light has been introducing NFL beer cans for some time. However, the 2015-2016 football season was the first time Bud Light created cans with a more local focus. At that time, 28 different team cans were released in areas where the brewer already had a team partnership. The company also introduced a general NFL-themed can in markets without an NFL franchise. Each of the team cans had a saying specific to that team, such as “The perfect beer for making tonight like the ’72 season”, which was printed on the Miami Dolphins can. These local cans were so successful, the company felt they had no choice but to bring them back for the 2016-2017 season.

This Year’s Can Designs

The latest version features cans that are more like a “team jersey that you can drink out of.” In addition to containing team colors and logos, some of the cans also have lines on them inspired by individual teams. This year, there are 27 different team-specific designs as compared to 28 last year. This is because the Rams have recently moved to Los Angeles, and are currently in negotiations for a new contract. Should that contract pan out, Bud Light intends to release a new Rams can to commemorate the occasion.

Intentionally Streamlined

According to Alexander Lambrecht, Bud Light’s Vice President, the minimalist design of these new cans was intentional. He claims the company wanted to “celebrate the team and Bud Light in a very iconic way” and that not a lot of details or background was needed. Instead, Lambrecht says they are simply “celebrating the two key elements that matter the most to the consumer or fan.” Already, these cans have attracted quite a bit of attention on social media in particular.

Local Marketing

One thing Bud Light is doing differently this year is marketing the cans locally. Beginning in September, the company will have local content for every single consumer touch point. Their local marketing campaigns will take on a number of outlets, ranging from television ads to point of connection and outdoor advertising. Lambrecht remarked that this promotion will be the “most local campaign Bud Light has ever seen.” Their local marketing efforts are sure to generate a great deal more excitement than a national campaign would, and will only serve to make the cans more popular.

The newly-designed NFL cans are coming soon to a stadium or grocery store near you, and will be here before you know it. Be on the lookout for these beer cans to help you better show your team spirit and enjoy game day.

Image Source: AdWeek & Bud Light