You’ve probably visited a major corporation’s website, and noticed that they have a chatbot feature, making it easy to get answers quickly. Chatbots are one example of how AI impacts the user experience as well as digital branding as a whole.

As AI is becoming more prevalent and more advanced within the online experience, large successful companies are taking advantage of its functionality. Companies that embrace the innovations in AI technologies have higher success rates in relation to consumer value and marketing.

According to a study done by MIT Technology Review and Genesys,

“91% of companies with world-leading brand recognition and high levels of customer satisfaction use AI solutions to increase customer satisfaction, compared to 42% of companies in their fields overall.”

AI has the ability to respond to customers’ needs in an effective way. Combined with a team of humans in a customer service department, the possibilities are endless. Iconic companies take advantage of AI because they understand the practical value in the tools. The technology is simply able to produce analytics in an efficient way.

“60% of iconic companies said they had the right mix of human and automated customer communication channels, compared to only 26% of poor performing companies, and 40% of companies overall.”

The reality is, humans cannot be completely replaced by AI systems. Although AIs can provide information, humans must be the ones to make decisions with that information. There must be a balance that gives customers a sense of trust toward a company or brand.

Finally, the MIT study also explained that “Top performing companies [are] more likely to say that AI was guiding their customer analytic capabilities.”

Companies that refuse to use AI systems do so for a number of reasons. A great deal of the avoidance of such systems is related to fear that either the AI system won’t actually be effective and that humans are more capable of completing a set of analytical tasks or that an AI system might try to replace humans all together.

The truth is, AI systems aren’t here to replace us. Rather, they are here to help us. AI systems are able to do what a human can do, but much faster and with the ability to notice patterns that humans might not necessarily notice. In some ways, it’s like an incredibly advanced calculator. Although a human can complete mathematical equations without a calculator, it is simply much faster and more accurate with a calculator.

AI systems greatly expand what customer support systems are able to accomplish and how effective they are in developing the user experience of a product or brand. According to Tech Republic, “The most successful firms noted that optimizing tools, applications, and operational processes to engage with customers across every phase of their journey has always been a core growth strategy…”

The key to a successful human AI balance is understanding that AI is a tool. It can be integrated into a system in a number of ways, and for a company to find the balance that works for their purpose can make their marketing so much better.