Our Process

The secret behind our swagger.



Our process starts with getting to know you and your brand, through and through. From identifying “big picture” goals and associated challenges to intimately familiarizing ourselves with your industry and competition, we create a cohesive snapshot of your brand to work from. It’s the most important means to a successful end result, forming the basis of our approach from square one.



No successful journey begins without a detailed roadmap. The planning stage of our process lays a foundation from which we’re able to develop effective strategies designed to take your brand to the next level. Through intensive research and market analysis, our team identifies key focal points to help guide positioning and create a cohesive presence for your brand. Sit back, and enjoy the ride.



Creativity. Design. Invention. It’s our favorite part of the process, where we get to flex our brain muscles and dream up new ways to present your brand to the world. Our designers, writers and visionary conceptualists work tirelessly behind the scenes to help bring everything to life — it’s just as magical as it sounds once everything comes together.



We’re ready for our close-up. 36 employs evidence-based strategies to help ensure the work we do for clients sees as many eyes and ears as possible. From print, digital and visual media to packaging and PR events, the implementation stage takes all of the hard work and thought we’ve put into a project and and makes it visible to the world at large. It’s the most gratifying part of the process, and something that never gets old.



Knowledge is power in creating successful campaigns — especially when it comes to data. We closely monitor and analyze trends in performance after implementation, adjusting course if necessary and throttling full-speed ahead when we hit a stride. Our horizon-level view allows us to never lose track of what’s working and what’s not, effectively helping to keep your brand from veering off track at any given point in time.

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