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Director of Marketing

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The Director of Marketing has a responsibility to develop marketing strategies for advertising, and the promotion and stimulation of business for 36creative.

The primary function of the Director of Marketing is to serve as an advocate for alternative marketing options.


The Director of Marketing is responsible for developing and implementing all outreach and inbound marketing activities, digital and print campaigns, and strategies to promote 36creative.

You will perform and supervise all communications, public relations, and media duties relating to 36creative.

You must establish and maintain effective relationships with local advertising, design, and creative agencies, and develop and implement an annual non-profit community awareness initiative.

You will integrate 36creative’s personality into social media.

You are responsible for Agency Award submissions.

This position requires organization of, as well as attendance and participation in special events and promotions advocating 36creative services.

You will serve as spokesperson for 36creative at conferences, and media and special events. In addition, this position requires provision of a monthly press release brainstorming and execution (which can run through a copywriter).

Our Director of Marketing is requested to have monthly internal meetings to update the team on the marketing position.



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