Covenant Health

Real People, Remarkable Care


The Need

Fun fact: Covenant Health — a not-for-profit healthcare network — was founded in 1737. Exactly 282 years before the invention of antibacterial soap! Needless to say, they’ve grown a lot. They felt their brand look didn’t reflect their top-class services. So 36 wrote a prescription for a brand update.


The Approach

Now, with an established, legacy healthcare provider, we had to be extra careful. We couldn’t look at the symptoms. We had to go straight to the source: The people they care for. “Compassionate.” “Great doctors.” “Empathetic.” These are the words that came up when we asked patients how they feel about Covenant Health. What’d we do next? We worked alongside Covenant to launch a new, people-centric series of campaigns.


The Solution

36creative delivered a complete brand redesign. New colors. New typography, imagery and messaging. We proudly showcased Covenant Health’s medical expertise and the people who make it possible. The campaign theme: Real people delivering remarkable care. Next, we applied to landing pages, billboards, brochures — the works.


The Outcome

With our help, Covenant Health gained a cohesive, recognizable visual system. Now, when people see their messages, they instantly know and recognize Covenant Health.

Consider it an “engagement” booster shot…