Venture to a new comfort zone


The Need

ECCO shoes is the 2nd largest shoe company in the world. While they’ve been well known for years, internationally, the US has still presented a strong opportunity for growth. They needed a campaign strategy for launching numerous stores across the country that increased brand awareness, appealed to more millennials, and didn’t alienate their loyal, baby boomer customer base.

ECCO Retail Promotional Case Study ECCO Retail Promotional Case Study
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The Approach

We started out by analyzing ECCO’s two main demographics (millennials and baby boomers) so that we could develop a campaign strategy that was tailored to effectively reach both. To drive more traffic to each event, sell more product, and create follow-up opportunities, marketing efforts were formulated for pre-launch (to build awareness), during each event (to elevate excitement, track success, and ensure re-marketing opportunity), and post launch (to follow up on the data collected during each event).

ECCO Elevator Promotion Strategy ECCO Elevator Promotion Strategy
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The Solution

36 developed “Venture Further,” a campaign designed to inject a youthful vibrancy and color into ECCO’s new stores (which are traditionally styled in greyscale). For new, millennial shoppers (who are more focused on curating their own personal style) we’re presenting fresh, contemporary styles of footwear that are pushing the boundaries of what they wear into a more premium world. For loyal baby boomer customers, we’re showing how they can literally go further without discomfort because of how comfortable ECCO shoes are. For both, we’re empowering shoppers to take ECCO shoes on their next adventure.

ECCO Mobile Marketing Strategy ECCO Mobile Marketing Strategy
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The Outcome

With the help of 36’s Venture Further campaign, ECCO was able to successfully boost total net sales, total pairs sold and traffic count across four different opening store events by significant margins.

ECCO remains one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers and retailers. Since implementing the work performed by the team at 36, the company now enjoys enhanced visibility throughout the U.S. market.


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