GB Child

Hassle-free travel products for your baby.


The Need

GB Child is a global, leading manufacturer of baby and toddler products; specializing in a flagship line of strollers. With minimal visibility in the US, they came to 36 with an immediate need to create a website (presenting their full range of products) for that market.

marketing baby products marketing baby products

The Approach

GB places a great deal of focus on quality and simplicity in their products, emphasizing form and functionality. We fully immersed ourselves in all of their lines, how they work, and how they differ from the competition. Our team ran workshops and performed extensive market research to create personas that aided in positioning the brand and its new, American-focused website.

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The Solution

36 created a web experience that pairs perfectly with the most well-known attributes of their brand: simplicity, safety, approachability, and quality. Bright, open, airy, and premium, the site presents their products well and also communicates a subtle playfulness through the animations, shapes, and typefaces used on the site.

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The Outcome

GB continues to use their overhauled website as the primary tool for promoting new products, highlighting features, and providing useful educational insight to current and prospective customers.


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