Build a Better Meal


The Need

While most subscription-based, meal delivery services are created by people with experience in marketing (who end up learning about the food industry once they get going), our client was the opposite. They knew more about ensuring that customers were getting a better product (from the source all the way to delivery) than established competitors, but didn’t know how to introduce their brand into a market that was becoming more saturated.

Armed with nothing but a bare-bones company concept and whole bunch of meat, our client needed to build everything from the ground up.

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The Approach

We scrutinized the existing landscape to define the shortfalls and successes of competitors within the subscription food delivery market. Including data collected in national surveys and in-home interviews, our team worked to understand the correlation between how brands presented themselves, the positive and negative components of the experience consumers actually had, and what they thought of the product our client was planning to include in their own program.

Armed with that information, we strove to formulate a brand that would be unique within the space, focused on providing an enjoyable online and in-person experience, and communicating what’s different about the product itself.

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The Solution

Karv Meals was born to be the monthly subscription service that offers healthier meats, convenient, oven-ready entrées and unique educational components that guide the consumer through every step of the ordering and unboxing experience.

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The Outcome

36 was able to help develop an entirely new business model; pivoting decades of established success from one sector and building out an entirely new revenue segment for the future. This resulted in a successful regional and East Coast launch, with an eventual national launch to follow.