Meadows Office Interiors

Tomorrow's office.


The Need

Meadows is a high-end office outfit company based in NYC. With a sharp focus on design and showrooms that are second to none, they needed an interactive presence that reflected the quality of their product offering and the successes they were achieving. We said, “yes.”

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The Approach

36 spent a lot of time getting to know Meadows’ design process, product offerings, and the flow/feeling of their showrooms. We then adapted their branding and messaging to deliver an interactive experience that represented who they were as faithfully as possible. Through discovery and analysis, our team developed a new approach that highlighted Meadows’ attention to detail and passion for delivering quality results.

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The Solution

Our team developed a custom website built around a fully immersive interactive experience, including a showroom walkthrough with clickable features. Users immediately felt increased levels of engagement above all else, as if they were actually physically present in the room itself.

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The Outcome

Meadows has expanded its reach and ability to educate its user-base with added depth and clarity. Visitors feel like they’re actually at the Meadows office, which—in our collective opinion—is a sure sign of success.