Pilot Innovations

Innovation for the brave.


The Need

Pilot Innovations was nothing more than a business concept when they came to 36. A spin-off company of Macy Industries, they wanted this think tank to focus on their unique way of launching ideas (particularly those that could be implemented using carbon fiber) to market—a task we took on with confidence the entire way through.


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The Approach

We took a deep-dive approach into the client’s process to ensure that we injected the right type of personality into their branding and name development. 36 held multiple workshops to produce a brand strategy that would work to propel them into the market, even without any prior public knowledge, history, or background.

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The Solution

We had to start from the ground up, developing an appropriate company name, brand architecture, and introductory launch strategy to the world. Pilot Innovations was the result. This effort was shaped by the launch of their initial flagship product, the LAL-18 lightweight tactical ladder, which is primarily used by military warfighter units throughout the world. This product served as the catalyst for this entire endeavor and has since allowed the company to grow and expand their offerings far beyond a one-off product line.

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The Outcome

After helping to establish their legitimacy, Pilot Innovations has secured numerous standing contracts with many military departments, the first of which coming within three months of launching their brand. They have since become known as an industry leader for rapid prototyping, innovative design, and emerging technologies.