Going the Extra Mile


The Need

When it comes to transportation and logistics, RFX is kind of a dynasty. Since the 1950s, they’ve delivered best-in-class shipping services. And, by golly, if you need to get something somewhere — by land, air or sea — they’ll get it there. But lately, competition’s been getting thick. So, to win new business and attract top industry talent, they asked 36creative for help. We said, “absolutely.”

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The Approach

To get to know the real RFX, we invited them over for a good old-fashioned, interactive brand workshop. We dug into everything: their unique history, culture, goals, target customers and competitors. Once we truly understood RFX, we got to work on a fully comprehensive Brand Positioning Bible. Next, we did something totally unconventional…


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The Solution

B2B doesn’t stand for Boring-to-Boring… So, after an exhaustive brand workshop, we carefully peeled back the old corporate layers to reveal the core of RFX. Progressive. Energized. Human. It was an entirely new brand experience, which we accented with bold design elements and authentic imagery. And from our extensive research, we knew this would connect with their target audience. RFX loved it so much, we applied it to their new website and brand collateral.

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