RMS Media Group

Powerful results through decades of luxury publishing expertise.


The Need

RMS is a leader in luxury publishing. They represent the world’s most luxurious brands and have used their publishing expertise for decades while cultivating and growing a robust suite of publications. The company required branding work and a website that would support and match the core of what sets RMS apart, and 36 stepped in to help.

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The Approach

We explored RMS’ publications, advertisers, and target markets during our discovery process to arrive at an effective brand strategy that perfectly set the tone for the work to follow. This allowed us to verify the creative decisions we were making every step of the way and ensure they aligned with the client’s end goals.

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The Solution

36 developed a new brand mark and website to set RMS apart from the competition via smart, user-centric design, and attention-grabbing copy. With this site, we wanted to make sure that every element was dripping with luxury. From the unusual shapes, the detailed icons, to the color palette, everything was meant to feel premium and as though it reflected the quality of the service they provide.

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The Outcome

RMS saw a 100% Increase in lead submissions upon the initial launch of its website—more details coming soon!


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