The Accounting Experts


The Need

When it comes to accounting, Tonneson + co has you covered. With decades of experience, they can pretty much do it all. In fact, they’ve been so successful that their digital presence had taken a backseat. But alas, they felt it was time their website reflects who they are — to potential new clients and prospective employees. And they were counting on 36creative for the task.

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The Approach

To get to know Tonneson + co, we launched an all-out brand discovery. This included conducting a dozen interviews with stakeholders and new employees (to give us a 360-degree understanding). We found a rich history of collaboration — the secret sauce that helps them deliver profound discoveries — and a caring culture that values both clients’ and employees’ wellbeing. Now, we just had to translate all of this amazingness to their new website.

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The Solution

Whether a potential client or new employee, the website is often the first experience someone has with a brand. With this in mind, we upgraded their website with new, original photography of the Tonneson + co team. The people you see online are the same ones you’ll meet when you step into their office, creating instant familiarity. Next, we shot video content to capture their office culture more fully. Using this new creative, we built landing pages, trade show materials and college recruitment collateral.

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This amazing transformation didn’t go unnoticed. Tonneson + co earned much-deserved recognition, winning the 2019 Marketing Achievement Award for Best Website from the Association for Accounting Marketing.