Volition Capital


The Need

Volition Capital is a Boston-based firm that invests in a small number of founder-owned, capital-efficient businesses that aspire to lead their markets. They are extremely selective about who they choose to partner with, but their outdated website didn’t exactly inspire the trust of the $5 million to $50 million companies they target. Kind of like a guy who says he only dates Instagram models but shows up wearing crocs and cargo shorts. 

By their own volition, they had made the investment in a new brand look but they were at a loss as to how to translate it into a million-dollar web presence.

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The Approach

We took Volition Capital’s ethos, “Business is Human,” to heart, starting our design exploration with the humans who make the investment firm what it is. After many conversations with their team, we analyzed their new brand standards to develop a website design that represents both the people who have built Volition Capital and where they want to take the business in the future.

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The Solution

The new volitioncapital.com strikes a balance between Volition Capital’s impressive portfolio and the very real people and values that define them. Dynamic movement throughout the site brings the business to life while creating a modern look and feel that reflects the forward-thinking companies they work with.

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The Outcome

Now that Volition Capital has a website worthy of the progressive companies they invest in, they are actively using it to attract tomorrow’s most rapidly growing SaaS, B2B, and Consumer companies. Their new site is bringing all the bosses to the yard. Goodbye, cargo shorts. Hello, skinny jeans.