Traveling Vineyard is a thriving direct-sales team of over 5,000 members, sharing great wine with the world while helping their wine guides reach their dreams. Years ago, the 36 team rebranded the wine community from their logo, to their website, and marketing materials. The rebrand proved to be successful for them, as they grew substantially with a 56% increase in annual sales and 400% increase in online lead submissions.

“We engaged 36 to do a complete brand overhaul in a 6 month timeframe. They did it. Their work rocks, and we have some awesome results to prove it. We wanted more qualified leads. We got what we wanted and we now are receiving a 400% increase in our lead stream.”

– Richard Libby, President, Traveling Vineyard

After years of a successful, ongoing partnership, Traveling Vineyard approached 36 with a new goal that involved updating their site and creating a user experience where their loyal audience could easily arrive at information. We understood that to simplify Traveling Vineyard’s new site meant introducing more white space to the current design and creating a flexible, user-friendly presence.

The end result? An updated website that allows for content row flexibility and the ability to buildout and expand the back-end, while keeping a crisp, clean front-end design for users.

With a little digital refresh, we’re excited to announce the launch of Traveling Vineyards new website – Check it out!

36creative is honored to be named Best Food and Beverage Branding Agencies of 2020 by DesignRush.