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Six Mistakes That No Blogger Can Afford To Make

If you want to make a living as a blogger, you don’t need to be a perfectionist. You don’t need to be a novelist and you don’t even need to be particularly interesting. There are however some standards that do need to be met. And when you fail to meet them, you are highly unlikely to find yourself with a blog that pays for your electricity, let alone your rent.

Professional bloggers need to act like just that, professionals. There are certain mistakes that readers simply will not stand for. They are the kind of mistakes that increase your bounce rates while lowering the number of comments that you receive. They are the kind of mistakes that lead to a blog finding anonymity rather than profitability. I will now outline six such mistakes.

Poor Formatting

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Regardless of how much of a talented writer you are, most of your visitors don’t want to read everything that you write. They are looking for specific information and when you don’t format your posts correctly, that specific information becomes very difficult to find.

Big blocks of text do not belong in a blog post. Web users want small paragraphs, sub headings and bullet points where appropriate. When you fail to include them, you are needlessly turning visitors away.

Below Average Theme

A successful blog doesn’t need to have a premium theme, it does however need to have a nice one. This means avoiding those that have been designed exclusively for higher click through rates.

It might seem superficial but the best blogs always have professional looking themes. Low quality themes therefore tend to imply low quality content. Many visitors will therefore bounce before they even read it.

Sporadic Updates

Even the most talented bloggers can lose their audience if they fail to update their blog on a regular basis. You don’t need to write a new post every day but you do need to both make a schedule and stick to it.

A regular posting schedule allows your readers to know when to visit your blog in search on new content. Sticking to that schedule ensures that they are not disappointed when they do so.

Unoriginal Content

Some bloggers seem to believe that they can create a popular blog exclusively with rehashed content. Unfortunately, such bloggers rarely find themselves with a following. If you want people to choose your blog over that of your competitors, you need to give them a reason to do so.

If you never say anything unique, how can you do that? There’s nothing wrong with looking at your competitors for inspiration. But you should be aiming to find ideas, not entire posts. Some bloggers seem to get the two confused.

Poor Attempts at Controversy

If you want to make a name for yourself as a blogger, the more opinionated and controversial you are, the better. Most bloggers are well aware of this fact but some forget about the importance of another personality trait, credibility.

When you want to say something controversial, you need to back up what you claim with facts. You need to keep the scope of your argument narrow. You also need to avoid contradicting yourself in later posts. When you fail to do any of these things, you lose your credibility. And when you lose your credibility, your readers usually follow.

The God Complex

Finally, we have the God complex. The God complex usually occurs when a blogger first finds a bit of popularity. Some bloggers profit from their new found popularity, others just become arrogant.

There is nothing more unattractive to readers than arrogance. Blogs are supposed to be helpful, informative and entertaining. Blogs that do little other than boast about the bloggers superiority in all things niche related rarely stay popular for long.

If you want to keep your popularity, be humble about it.

About the Author

Chris Murphy is a marketing expert working for web design Newcastle that provides the best SEO and PPC services for their esteemed clients.


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