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6 Content Marketing Ideas for 2013

Content Marketing 2013

The words “content marketing” may sound complicated to some new business owners, but it’s really simple. It’s all about getting the word out about products and services by publishing content online. Take a look at these 6 content marketing tips for some of the best ideas to get noticed in 2013.

1) Create a Plan

A lot of people go by the seat of their pants when it comes to content marketing, but not having a plan can spell failure right from the beginning. Content marketing is all about what a business stands for and the informational needs of consumers should come first. Clear marketing objectives need to be laid out before they can be achieved. There are also some companies that offer content marketing services to help with creating a plan.

2) Listen to Customer Feedback

Consumers love to tell businesses what they think about their products, whether it’s positive or negative. They also like to go straight to the horse’s mouth when they have questions. Take a look at the most positive, negative and asked about things from customers and focus a content marketing plan on making the most of the positive feedback, resolving negative feedback and giving customers resources to answer their questions.

3) Call Consumers to Action

It’s not enough for consumers to look at a product page or read a helpful article. Sometimes they need to be nudged into taking the next step with a “call to action”. This is basically a line of text that tells them to “Buy now!” or “Read the next page for more information”. The most important thing is making the call to action simple and obvious so they don’t think about it first.

4) Invest in Blogging

Content marketing would only be half complete without a blog. This can be the hardest and most time-consuming part of marketing, which is why there are many content marketing services that specifically cater to creating blog content for businesses. These services take direction from their clients on what will be published, so be sure to have a content marketing plan.

5) Add Interviews to Content

It’s no surprise that consumers like to hear the thoughts of the creators behind their favorite products. Getting interviews with these people is also a great way to build credibility. This is why interviews are a great content marketing strategy. They are also a good way for businesses to make connections with others in their industry.

6) Integrate the Marketing Strategy across All Services

This may sound like a no-brainer, but some businesses do it wrong. Aligning content marketing services across products, blogs and personalized emails is a great way to keep customers’ attention. For example, linking a product page to an article that relates to the product will make it more likely that a customer buys that product after they read the article. Then when they buy the product, send them an email featuring other blog posts or guides that relate to that product.

Content marketing includes any form of content aimed at attracting customers, from simple Tweets, to product descriptions, to lengthy reviews. These tips will give small businesses a head start on marketing this year.