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  • Steve Gabriel
    Image of Steve Gabriel

    Steve Gabriel

    Managing Partner

    Steve doesn’t mess around. A typical morning for him: Wake up at 4:45 > check email > watch SportsCenter > crush the day before heading home to teach his daughters how to Dougie, Krump, and Pop Lock (did we mention he can dance?). Somehow able to create time out of thin air, Steve helps steer the ship here at 36 with his overwhelmingly positive, laid back, and caring attitude. He also makes it a point each day to surround himself with the best talent and personalities around — a not so challenging task when he’s at the office or at home.

    What does Steve do when he’s not working? You might find him catching a morning sunrise, plotting his next vacation, or mowing the yard in a tank top, beer in hand.

  • Trent Sanders
    Image of Trent Sanders

    Trent Sanders

    Managing Partner

    Trent “The Sandman” Sanders isn’t content unless he’s pushing himself, whether it be on his bike (about to do something he’s not fully confident he should be doing) or in the office helping our clients find ways to better serve their bottom line through new opportunities. Persistent by nature, he’s passionate about dialing-in the finer points of operations and process so as to streamline workflow for both our team and our clients’ teams. His positive and slightly loud attitude is a fixture at 36, as is his inability to shake a smile from his face.

    Though we’re quite happy Trent is a Managing Partner at 36, we’re pretty sure he grew up wanting to be a photographer for National Geographic. If he’s not at work or at the gym, he’s most likely plotting out his next travel destination.

  • Christopher Massie
    Image of Christopher Massie

    Christopher Massie

    Art Director

    Chris is our big brother here at 36—always early to work, making people laugh, and trying to make the company better than it was the day before. As Art Director, he’s able to translate his passion for whatever subject matter may be at hand into actionable results that are truly capable of turning heads. Massie’s skills shine in his ability to help clients understand the value of our work, and his organizational mindset helps keep projects from veering off schedule no matter how busy things may be.

    Always striving to be better both personally and professionally, Chris has completed four Tough Mudder competitions and gives everything he has if he truly believes in what he’s doing. He also can’t start his day without a large iced black cold brew.

  • Brian Grossman
    Image of Brian Grossman

    Brian Grossman

    Art Director / Brand Strategist

    Brian is responsible for art direction and brand strategy at 36—that is to say, he’s got a lot on his plate. From learning about what makes a brand “tick” and analyzing competition to providing creative direction to designers, writers, animators, developers, and videographers. His day rarely slows down enough for him to think about what’s next on his agenda. Visually gifted with a mind built for ideation, Brian’s passion for great creative is matched only by his dedication to running and practicing yoga.

    If Brian’s not busy coming up with our latest and greatest new branding concepts, he can probably be found spending time with his fiancé and their two parrots — a cockatiel named Hinata a green cheek Conure named Scrubby Bubbles.

  • Rob Widdick
    Image of Rob Widdick

    Rob Widdick

    Interactive Director

    Rob is the only person at 36 who can claim to be a Subaru racer without sacrificing an ounce of truth. An Arkansas native with a passion for gaming, music, and craft beer, Rob brings his passion for technology to 36 each day. Rob’s direction on UX and development projects helps ensure alignment throughout the entire project, and ultimately helps our clients reach even their most complex goals and needs.

    Rob has been in the web industry for over 10 years and has continued to push the limits of web-related technologies. Busy, focused, and savvy all-around, Rob thrives on being successful and delivering incredible results. He’s an expert at handling technical/operational challenges that deal with multiple systems and isn’t afraid to offer suggestions and alternatives.

    When he’s not at work, you can find him hanging out with his wife, good friends, or working on his car.

  • Pete DiGeronimo
    Image of Pete DiGeronimo

    Pete DiGeronimo

    Strategic Partnership Manager

    Pete is our Strategic Partnerships Manager — no one in the office seems to know what that title means, but what we do know is that he’s an expert when it comes to developing business. He prides himself on connecting our team with forward-thinking companies looking to scale their marketing, communications, and outreach efforts. He’s also played a key role in expanding 36’s national footprint over the years, helping us work with some of the most promising brands throughout the country.

    A self-described “meatatarian,” Pete feels right at home while cooking up a pound of bacon, playing in his volleyball league or spending time in his wood shop building furniture.

  • Jess Arruda
    Image of Jess Arruda

    Jess Arruda

    Senior Account Manager

    Jess has a passion for helping clients grow and improve via smart branding, innovative ad campaigns, and top-notch web campaigns. Our clients always feel they’re in good hands thanks to her top-notch communication skills and ability to present “big picture” concepts in a way that’s straightforward and easy to digest. Low-key, loyal, and friendly to the max, she brings a welcomed calming presence to the office that we couldn’t live without.

    A professional weekender, Jess’s day begins and ends with walking her pup. When she’s not at work, she’s either relaxing by the lake with family or working on home renovations, one room at a time.

  • Karina Jasbon
    Image of Karina Jasbon

    Karina Jasbon

    Account Manager

    As an account manager at 36, Karina rarely finds herself without a full plate of responsibilities in front of her. Detail-oriented, motivated by success, and committed to putting our clients’ minds at ease during even the most stressful of times, she always makes herself available to help teach our clients how to get the most out of their websites’ CMS. For Karina, every project is different in scope and size, but they all need to be delivered on-time and on-budget — it’s a hallmark aspect of her approach that serves our agency quite well.

    When she’s not at work, Karina is probably trying new recipes at home, warming up with a cup of Colombian coffee, or planning her next adventure.

  • Meghan Bench
    Image of Meghan Bench

    Meghan Bench

    Account Manager

    Meghan is a pro at helping clients not just in developing brand-changing ideas, but actually see them through to completion. Her diligent work ethic and humor come through in all of the work she does, whether it be spearheading strategy meetings or crafting the perfect campaign. Nothing brings her more pleasure than watching a project she’s worked on for months finally come to life — it’s what gets her out of bed every morning and why she excels as an account manager at 36.

    When she’s not at work, Meghan is probably either relaxing with a glass of wine, cooking dinner with her fiancé, or working on her tan on a sunny afternoon.

  • Shauna Collupy
    Image of Shauna Collupy

    Shauna Collupy

    Account Manager

    When it comes to keeping things from falling off the rails, Shauna is the resident mastermind account manager at 36. She spends her days managing multiple clients, internal workloads and meetings (“like trying to wrangle a herd of wild cats,” she says) with the precisions of an air traffic controller. Things aren’t much different at home, where her days and evenings are filled with cheerleading and soccer practice for her two kids, as well as caring for a dog, 8 ducks, 4 chickens and a rooster.

    If Shauna isn’t busy keeping things on track at 36, she’s either cooking, working on projects around the house or relaxing in her element, margarita in-hand.

  • Kaitlyn Morneweck
    Image of Kaitlyn Morneweck

    Kaitlyn Morneweck

    Senior Designer / Brand Strategist

    Analytical to her core and naturally curious, Kaitlyn has a knack for creating eye-catching designs that help elevate our clients’ logos and brand identities to an entirely new level. She’s passionate about helping brands make smart, strategic, and conscientious decisions (not to mention adept at capturing personality in a visual manner).

    Kaitlyn is most at home while traveling with friends to places she’s never been. Otherwise, she’s probably either practicing yoga or playing with her beloved bunnies.

  • Sadie St. Germain
    Image of Sadie St. Germain

    Sadie St. Germain


    Sadie brings her skills as a creative designer to 36, where she helps clients better express their brands through visuals. From coming up with creative ways to solve and organize problems to digging deeper and tackling the root of the problem itself, she takes pride in pushing the norm and working on projects that allow her to take chances. She can also do the worm on command (but only backwards).

    A natural athlete with a passion for hockey, Sadie feels most comfortable when she’s either on the rink or hanging out at home with her pet snapping turtle, Frank the Tank.

  • Fiona Huang
    Image of Fiona Huang

    Fiona Huang

    Junior Designer

    Fiona brings an honest sense of optimism and a knack for genuine creativity to 36. As a Junior Designer, she believes design has an impact on everything and anything. Her work often entails making things look aesthetically pleasing while remaining on-brand. Creating positive change for our brands is something Fiona dedicates herself to every day, and we couldn’t be happier to have her around.

    If she’s not creating benchmark designs at work, this former violinist is likely either baking (she makes a mean cheesecake), painting her nails, or wrapping herself up in a blanket with her favorite pair of headphones.

  • Michael Peterman
    Image of Michael Peterman

    Michael Peterman

    Interactive Developer

    Ask Michael about his pet peeves, and “adding features to websites simply because they look cool” will most likely come up. As Interactive Developer at 36, he thrives on building technology-driven approaches capable of solving business-specific challenges. Michael is somehow able to communicate in plain English some of the most tech-heavy concepts imaginable and is passionate about building sustainable code for user-centric design. Whether it be a new project or an overhaul of an old website, there’s no development task he feels uncomfortable approaching.

    A drummer, organic gardener, and fighter pilot at heart, Michael loves to cook and spend time with his amazing 2-year-old daughter when he’s not crunching code.

  • Derek Hall
    Image of Derek Hall

    Derek Hall

    Interactive Developer

    A “family man” in every sense of the phrase, Derek begins solving problems as soon as he gets out of bed every morning (including getting his 2 and 5-year-old kids to daycare before heading into the office). His role as Interactive Developer at 36 has him wearing a variety of different hats on any given day, forcing him to adapt on the fly by learning new technologies and techniques as they materialize.

    When he’s not setting up servers, structuring databases, or working on client-side interactions, Derek can most likely be found playing board games with his family or seamlessly moving around a tennis court.

  • Emma Fairweather
    Image of Emma Fairweather

    Emma Fairweather

    Marketing Manager

    Emma is the female version of James Bond, our Double O Heavenly Marketing Manager. She’s smooth, calm, and collected. Yet, when it comes to marketing our 36™ Brand, she’s a force to be reckoned with. A typical day for Emma may include creating new campaigns, developing launch strategies, handling media outreach, social accounts, or planning high-profile events. Creative, driven and perhaps a bit OCD, she thrives on watching her plans succeed and always tries to ensure people around her are having a good time.

    Outside of work, Emma can usually be found taking her Belgian Shepherd, Miko, to the beach or traveling with friends and family.

  • Elisha Farris
    Image of Elisha Farris

    Elisha Farris

    Executive Assistant

    Elisha is the gas in our tank at 36. Her days find her constantly switching hats, from tying-up loose ends across departments to writing proposals and making sure the office is fully stocked with all the essentials to keep us going. As a natural cook and incredible singer, she brings a multitude of talents to 36 that extend well beyond being the best executive assistant an agency could ask for.

    When she’s not helping everyone at 36 reach their many goals or running quality assurance for the development team, Elisha is probably either hosting friends at her lake house or getting on a plane to travel with her boyfriend.

  • Maciej Fita
    Image of Maciej Fita

    Maciej Fita

    Online Marketing

    Maciej looks at a website and sees more than just words and pictures: he sees potential. With his skilled hand, each project is chance to build a brand, increase visibility and generate revenue. Need to snap him out of the business trance? Just shoot him a link to a ridiculous cat video or see if you can get him to tell you about his first concert. Call it OCD, but Maciej loves to detail his car for fun. Oh, and sometimes he likes to play with his family.

  • Melissa Stern
    Image of Melissa Stern

    Melissa Stern


    Melissa has always gone to the beat of her own drum — or pen to be exact. Instead of counting sheep, she lies in bed dreaming up all the clever ways to boost subject line open rates. ROI just begins to describe what drives Melissa’s passion for creating groundbreaking copy. When millennials Tweet out her words, it’s a good indicator she’s crafted emails that people actually read and respond to. And while Melissa’s words definitely speak loud and cause a lot of action, they might compete with her over-the-top colorful wardrobe, Scrabble-shaped purse included.

  • Anna Corder
    Image of Anna Corder

    Anna Corder

    Copy Editor

    Anna has a tendency to nit-pick every written word for correct usage and surrounding grammar – which makes her ideal for her job. A teacher, tutor, and grammar master, Anna lets no error elude her. She is also a true take-initiative girl. One day she thought it would be clever to name the Beetle the Folkswagon. She sent her idea, with illustration, to VW. Months later, she saw “Folkswagon” on a billboard in New Jersey

  • Daniel Thiede
    Image of Daniel Thiede

    Daniel Thiede


    Dan is extremely talented and skilled in his craft — mixing old and new for a style all his own. On a typical day, he walks to his desk, focuses intently on the project at hand, and begins to contemplate what viewers will experience when they see his work. Quiet and reserved, yet quirky, Dan’s sense of humor has a folksy, endearing quality that leaves you grinning from ear to ear.

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