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7 Personality Traits you Want in a Corporate Web Design Agency

Corporate Web Design

Corporate web design is a very different animal than personal web design, or even small business web design. When looking for a corporate web design agency, there are seven important attributes to keep in mind.

1. Professionalism

Business is business, even with an artistic field like design. A corporation simply cannot afford to deal with endless delays, excuses, and blame shifting, or with the caprices of artistic expression. A good corporate web site design agency will behave with the same level of professionalism as any other agency the corporation works with.

2. Experience

Corporate design has a set of challenges and particular needs that cannot be handled by just any web agency. A corporate site is expected to have higher traffic, more functionality, and recognizable, consistent visual themes. Any corporate web specialists that a firm decides to hire should be capable of handling both the needs of corporations in general and of specific corporations equally well.

3. Branding Ability

Working a brand into every aspect of the design, and allowing a corporation’s presentation of their product to reflect in the web design is important. If a corporation wants to be portrayed as trustworthy and professional, an artistic and whimsical site will not work for them and vice versa. In web design, the site should communicate the personality of the corporation or product as accurately as possible.

4. Savvy

Design fashions come and go rapidly and new design code and software is being developed constantly. A good corporate design agency will stay on the cutting edge, staying abreast of what is fresh and new in the industry. It’s important to keep sites from looking dated, without appearing faddish. Savvy corporate web specialists can create a stylish look while maximizing functionality.

5. Communication

It’s important that the agency understand the corporation’s needs, and can adapt their approach to fit. A good rapport with the designer is essential for getting the most serviceable website possible. All the skill in the world will not make a difference without a thorough ability to understand the customer’s needs and translate them into a good design.

6. Emphasis on Business

While it’s very important that a website has the right look and feel, the most important aspect of design is that the site generates income, and serves customers well. An over-emphasis on aesthetics can be a red flag that the designers don’t know how to maximize the business potential of the site. Make sure the designers understand key marketing concepts like search engine optimization and lead generation. The focus is on increasing revenue.

7. Honesty

People who don’t fully understand how internet marketing works may ask for things that simply aren’t possible, or impede the site’s functionality. A good corporate web specialist will be frank about the limits of what technology is capable of. A bad designer will promise the moon, and deliver a buggy, ineffective product.

When choosing corporate web design specialists, make all expectations and priorities clear, and they should be able to do the rest. Creating a functional, stylish and revenue increasing site is the goal, and a good corporate designer will be able to provide all of this.


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