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How to Design a Website for a Supermarket

Grocery Store Web Design

Although supermarkets are typically bricks-and-mortar retail locations, they can certainly benefit from a well-designed website. The website will help consumers understand the products being offered at the store as well as the different pricing options that are available to them. Grocery store website design requires a few different elements which are detailed below.

Daily and Weekly Specials

Consumers will look for the best products available in the largest quantities and at the lowest possible prices. For this reason, it is imperative for supermarkets to offer specials and sales to pique shopper interest. Part of grocery store website design is including the ability to add daily and weekly specials without a lot of hassle or coding. These specials should be highly competitive and change frequently, whether daily or weekly. It is also important to change the type of items that are on special regularly. For instance, while Monday may be the day for special pricing on meat and similar products, Wednesdays may provide special savings on milk and other dairy items.

Here is a screenshot of Whole Foods who really have a solid grasp on how a supermarket website should. The home page is filled with user experience details along with a sense of community.


Whole Foods Screen Shot

Club Membership Information

Every major grocery store in the country offers its shoppers some sort of club access that will provide them with additional savings in one way or another. Generally, consumers are required to present a card to the cashier when checking out in order to receive instant savings or coupons that can be used toward their next purchases. When considering grocery store website design, it is important to include both a page that is accessible to membership holders as well as separate pricing information when applicable. This helps shoppers better understand the value of their memberships and may even help to bring in new business.

Emphasis on Store Brands

While many consumers shop for well-known national brand products that are easily recognizable, there are those who shop primarily for lesser-priced store brands in order to help them save money. Grocery store website design should include price comparisons for these consumers; this will allow them to calculate the amount of money they will save by choosing the store’s brand over the national brand. Similarly, placing emphasis on high-quality store brand products in supermarket web design projects can draw in new shoppers who are interested in saving money.

Personality and Imagery

No grocery store website would be complete without bold, beautiful imagery. Consumers make a large portion of their decisions based upon packaging and outward appearance alone, particularly when it comes to highly recognizable national brand logos. Therefore, each sale item should be accompanied by a high-quality photograph or image. Along the same lines, items such as produce and meats that are butchered and prepared in-store should also be accompanied by high-resolution images that depict freshness, quality and overall beauty. The product photographs should also be up-to-date; consumers should be able to find the exact same packaging in the store as that which is depicted on the site.
While all of the above factors are important in great grocery store website design, it is also important to consider the ease of which consumers can navigate the site. The links to various departments should be highly visible, making it quick and simple for existing and potential shoppers to find exactly what it is they need.