Psychology of Colors

Although many people think that it doesn’t matter what colors they use when designing and updating their website, this isn’t true. Extensive research has been done with regards to which website colors are more effective than others when it comes to holding a reader’s attention or even converting readers into paying customers. This is why it is important for people who want to have their own website to learn more about what the best colors for website conversion are.

Different Meanings for Different Colors

The fact of the matter is that different colors have the ability to either attract or repel your website visitors, simply because some of them are easier on the eyes than others. While some colors may have a calming visual effect on readers, others may cause them to become frustrated because they are not able to see your website content too clearly. The color spectrum has been divided into warm colors and cool colors which also have different meanings. When considering the best colors for website conversion rates, it is also important to ensure that they are chosen with your website content in mind. By doing this, you will ensure that the chosen colors on your website have the intended effect.

Here is a great infographic from the folks at – it is house focused but the idea is the same.

Psychology of Colors Infographic

What Are the Best Colors for Website Conversion?

This may be a difficult question to answer because the same color combinations may be used on one website and be highly successful with regards to conversion rates while failing miserably on a website that has a different topic or content. For example, a website that has made use of a bright, colorful design may yield far more of a conversion rate success when it is selling children’s toys or clothing than it will if it has been used to market medical products. That is why it is best in most cases to use a professional designer to assist you with choosing your website colors. These designers have extensive experience with regards to using colors that will have the most impact on your website.

Some Colors May Have Higher Conversion Rates

Research has shown that in many cases, warmer color combinations have the ability to make a customer feel more welcome on a website, which in turn could result in them buying more than they intended to. Warm colors usually include reds, oranges and yellows. Blues and greens are usually used to help site visitors to feel more secure and relaxed, which may also induce them to spend more time on your website. Although black and white are considered as neutral colors, it is important to ensure that they are not used excessively, as they can make site content difficult to read, especially in the case of having a black background with white text.
In most cases, website colors will either have a positive or negative effect on your conversion rates, so if you are experiencing low conversions, it may be a good idea to take a closer look at the color combinations on your site.