Although there have been many website design trends that have come and gone over the years, most of us are very happy to see that particular trends are no longer as popular as they used to be. This is because they have made way for trends and design practices that are far better than those of yesteryear.

1. Auto Play Music

Most of us remember just about levitating from our computer chairs when we opened certain websites, only to be greeted with auto play music that was, in most cases, loud enough to cause the dead to turn in their graves. Not all of us enjoy the same types of music for obvious reasons.

2. Those Aqua Call to Action Buttons

In most cases, these were designed to look like they were floating underwater. Eventually, they seemed to pop up on virtually every website you visited during the 1990’s, which became rather annoying and repetitive.

3. Comic Sans Font

Although a lot of website owners used to think this font made their website look cute, it actually caused their sites to resemble a kindergarten class’s first writing attempts. Since the 1990’s, more people have realized that your website font actually needs to be easy to read.

4. Reflective Text and Objects

At one stage, almost everyone thought it would look ‘awesome’ if all of their text and images were made to appear reflective. Unfortunately, it resulted in their websites looking as though they had been designed by a junior art class because the reflected images seldom used to look truly reflective in the first place.

5. Using the Polaroid Frame Look

While the older generation actually knew what Polaroids actually were, those who were born after the 1980’s wouldn’t have a clue. Not to mention that it plain and simply didn’t look professional in the least.

6. Over-sized Social Media Icons

Even though some website owners thought it would be great fun to use the largest social media icons they could find, it soon became annoying when you weren’t able to see the actual website content because of it being overshadowed by a giant Twitter bird.

7. The Torn Paper Image

A lot of website owners decided that by using this image, it would give their sites a unique and unusual appearance. A pity though, that a few hundred thousand other website owners had exactly the same idea.

8. Frills and Flourishes

Back in the days, there were many website owners who wanted to give the impression that they were arty or that they simply enjoyed the look of a few flowery frills and fancies on their website. Unfortunately, this trend also got old very fast.

9. Site Intros That Didn’t Offer the Option to Skip Them

Almost all of us have experienced the grueling reality of landing on a website that gives an audio introduction, but does not give us the option to skip through it in order to get to the site content. This tactic is now only used by fly-by-night marketing ‘gurus’ that are only interested in making a quick buck out of you.

10. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a nice way to acquire a seizure. They were once very popular but now are just the pinnacle of being out of date.
The good news is that there are many far better website design trends out there today, so make the effort to do some research so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as these mentioned above.