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Why 2013 Will Be Such an Important Year for a Website Re-design

2013 is an incredibly important year for website redesign simply because of consumer evolution. As more people become computer literate, just having a website isn’t enough to bring in business as it used to be. Certain standards must be followed in order to create the most optimal website possible. Website consumers don’t want to just purchase from “websites”, they want brands, they want stories and they want community. Here are four reasons why planning your website redesign should commence now.

Clean Websites

Users prefer clean, simpler websites to jam-packed web pages, even if the latter contains more information. Website navigation should be simple and easy, allowing users to intuitively find information. Customers will leave websites that do not provide them with quick, ready content and refuse to return. Search engine results also provide higher rankings to well-organized, clean websites that offer natural navigation. If your website looks like the Las Vegas Strip, it’s definitely time to develop a redesign website strategy.

Brand Showcasing

If you have no obvious branding on your website, customers will be less likely to return to it. Consumers identify with brands that they trust, forming a connection with imagery and experiences associated with that brand. Develop your own company’s symbol as you redesign website components and showcase it on your website in style. Good, stylish images work well, but so do phrases and sounds. A catchy slogan with sound effects is a good way to keep your business in a customer’s mind. Logos are a good way to keep marketing your business long after customers leave your website as well, since they will continue to identify it with you each time they see it.

Easy Answers

Customers have already searched for answers, which led them to your website. The last thing they want to do is search even longer. When users visit your homepage alone, they should be able to instantly know what your website is about, what makes your product different from others, and why they should care in the first place. As you redesign website structure, don’t forget to include convenient, helpful information about your product. Make everything as simple to find and intuitive as possible, with appropriate navigation tools like search bars and categories.

Up-to-Date Design

Many businesses make the mistake of holding onto an old, stagnant design they have grown fond of. Launching a website redesign must include updates to the design itself. Sometimes a fresh look is all that stands between you and customer retention. Research current trends in web design and decide what you like best, or hire a designer to help you. Black and white schemes, mobile web integration, and touch screen techniques can make your website pop. When you redesign website look and feel, be sure to keep its timeliness in mind in order to make it last as long as possible.

Planning your website redesign should be simple and yield effective results when you keep these ideas in mind. As you address these components, you will notice more customers flocking to your site as well as a longer site visit rate from both new and old visitors. As you check off resolutions for your business this year, make sure that a redesign website project is one of them.


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