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5 Things that WILL Happen if Your Web design is Outdated

Outdated Web Design

All businesses need to have strong websites to survive in the modern world. However, just because you created an amazing website years ago does not mean it still is amazing. Technology moves quickly, and the Internet and world of web design moves with it. If your website design is outdated, then you will end up encountering some problems.

Lose your Credibility

If your website is obviously outdated, then you lose any credibility you may have had with potential clients, or even some current clients. The majority of people now research all companies online before proceeding to engage in any kind of business. Therefore, even if all your actual business is done offline, your online presence is essential in creating your reputation and company brand. With an old looking website, a current or potential client may think you are no longer in business or will believe that you do not have a strong company.

Lose Potential or Current Customers

You will not only lose potential clients because they do not believe in your credibility, they will also probably not stay around long enough to even consider your credibility. Most Internet users only remain on a site for less than 10 seconds, so looks are everything when it comes to your website design. As soon as they see that you have an old website, they will move on to the next company on their list.

Miss out on New Tech

If you have an outdated website, then you are missing out on the great value of many of the new technologies available. Many people access pages on their smart phones, so if you do not have a mobile-friendly site, then you will lose those potential customers. You can also integrate social media to your site or any blogs or newsletters. Furthermore, you can access the analytics to your site to see the reach of it. Many old websites are unable to do any of those things, so you are missing out on great business potential.

Lose SEO Rankings

Old website technology did not incorporate SEO like the new technology does, for example, using title tags and meta tags. If you are using an older design, then you risk not being found in searches. When potential clients are looking for your company, or one providing the same services, you will be difficult to find. Typically, if you are not found on the first page of a search engine, it is as if your company does not exist. With an updated website, you will rank much higher in search engines.

Old, Outdated Information

If you have not updated your website in years, then you most likely have at least some old and outdated content. For some industries, this could lead to actual fines or bigger problems. If you do not update your website, you may just be in breach of guidelines or even rules and regulations, especially if the old information has been found to be false. Even if you do not have to worry about these regulations, you still could be providing bad data to potential customers. If you maintain your website, then you do not have to worry about having old and outdated information.

It is easy to disregard your website once it has been created and is live online. However, if you let it become stagnant, then before you know it, you have an old, outdated website that will actually cost you business. It is to your benefit to keep up to date with all website design technology so that you always have an amazing site to engage customers.