The official 2019 logo design trends report has been released by Bill Gardner of LogoLounge. Gardner is the founder of, a repository site where members can post their logo design work and search the works of others by keyword, designer’s name, and client type. The site offers news curated for logo designers as well as unlimited entries for consideration to be featured in the LogoLounge book series.

Every year, Gardner studies thousands of logos, choosing those he believes contribute to the year’s ever changing trends. He creates the logo trend report to share his insights with the design community. 36 is honored to be featured in this years trends, showcasing our logo for Craftsman Union, using highlighting design aspects.

logo design trends

Here is a roundup of the 15 top logo design trends:

  1. Morse Shade
  2. High-Contrast Layers
  3. Orphan Shadow Effects
  4. Retro Tonal Effects
  5. Dots for Backgrounds & Shading
  6. Bright Highlights
  7. Circle Shapes Quartered
  8. Spell Signs
  9. Open Holes
  10. Spot Drag
  11. Gradient Breaks
  12. Contour Stripes
  13. Periods
  14. Wings
  15. Doors

To download the full report, visit