Packaging design is one of the most important aspects of marketing for any CPG brand. With today’s overcrowded market and high competition, it can be difficult to gain your target audience’s attention with a great design. Successful packaging design should make both a physical and psychological connection; creating an experience in itself, before the consumer reaches the actual product. Our team of experts share 5 tips for creating successful packaging design, in hopes it provides insight for your own initiatives.

1. Clarity & Simplicity

Be clear about the product you are offering, what it is for, and the brand behind it. You probably hear it often, that simplicity is key; and it holds true in packaging design. Experiment with minimal wording and color palettes to portray a clean and solidified presence. Try imitating the placement of your packaging on an actual shelf to determine the impact among competitors.

2. Consider the Experience

Consider the actions that each consumer will go through while interacting with your packaging. Try placing a second round of packing inside your initial packaging for a luxury experience.  For example, if your selling a quality item, try placing it inside of a branded dust bag, that is then placed inside of a box. The simple act of layering packaging adds a luxury aspect, and makes it easy for consumers to rationalize spending their money on the product.

3. Break the Mold

Break the mold of what your product is “suppose” to come in. For example, water typically comes in a plastic bottle, but what if you designed it in a cardboard box? See how Boxed Water grabs their consumers attention and stands out from competition with their innovative packaging.

4. Consider the Interior

Yes, the exterior of your packaging should be interesting, but what about the inside? Surprise your consumers with bright colors and bold messaging on the inside of boxes to lengthen (and heighten) their experience with your product. Remember to relate the colors on the exterior of the box to the colors on the interior to make everything cohesive.

5. Give a Sneak Peek

For any tangible product, being able to see what it is you’re getting is incredibly important. Who knows what’s lurking in bags and boxes when you can’t see inside? Sure, you can trust exterior photos, but what about giving the consumer an experience? Allow your consumers to see, touch, and make a connection with your product through cut-out windows. See how we gave consumers an interactive experience, with a cut-out window on packaging for Tranquilo.

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