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How Web Marketing and Development Go Hand in Hand

Company websites are becoming more and more important in marketing. Professional website development can make all the difference between a customer who makes a purchase or a phone call after visiting a site and one who goes on to another company. There are many tactics to consider when trying to increase conversion rates that can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction.

Visual Appeal

The first thing customers notice about a site is the effect the visual style has on them. Good content is extremely important, but customers will always be sensitive to how it is presented. In this respect, web marketing and development isn’t very different than any other kind of marketing. Make sure the site is visually appealing with colors that accurately reflect the company’s intended image. Visitors should never be confronted with a wall of text or tons of unrelated images. Keep text and images balanced, and make sure images are relevant to the content.

Navigation and Bounce Rate

Effective web marketing will keep the customer interested long enough to explore the page creating an ideal bounce rate. The first thing to consider is whether the potential customer has found the site they are looking for. Making sure that keywords are unambiguous will reduce bounces from people who are just in the wrong place. It is also useful to have the site’s other related content placed in eye catching, easy to access links on every page. This draws the visitor in and prompts the customer to explore the site fully.

Increase Conversions

Conversion is a fickle thing, and constant retooling of the site is necessary to keep conversion rates high. There are many analytic tools available to track where visitors are going, what they’re clicking, and where on the site they’re losing interest. With these tools, it’s possible to find the site’s weak points, and implement gradual changes. It isn’t necessary to pull down the entire site and start over. Instead, most professional website development firms advocate a pick and choose approach – find one or two things that need changing every day, and monitor the results closely.

Available Tools

Google analytics is a very valuable tool. The free version measures conversion rates and social analytics such as Facebook shares. This is the most popular analytic tool, but there are many more available to help make any inbound marketing strategy more effective. CrazyEgg has a whole host of different priced packages for web marketing and development that allow you to see how far customers are scrolling down each page as well as a heat map showing what exactly they’re clicking on. ClickTale, another paid service offers mouse tracking as well as standard analytics.

With the above strategies and the willingness to constantly improve and monitor site interaction, lead generation and conversions for your site can skyrocket. Taking just an hour or two every day to read analytics reports and tinker a bit with anything that isn’t working is a low stress, high reward way to improve site navigation and bring in more revenue.


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