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3 Important Areas Where B2B Social Media Goes Wrong

B2B Social Media Marketing

Utilizing B2B social media can be a highly effective way to attract customers, network with other businesses, and foster high visibility for your business. Plunging into B2B social media marketing without any real marketing plan, however, can yield disastrous results. You could annoy your potential business associates at best and lose the interest of your customers at worst. There are 3 main areas where B2B social media can go seriously wrong. Keep these frequent mistakes in mind when designing your own social media plans.

Excessive Self-Promotion

Most people understand that a little humility goes a long way, and tooting your own horn too often is a no-no. Businesses can use this personal advice to their advantage as well. Continually promoting your business—whether it’s buy this and buy that, or constant on-sale item posts—without breaking it up with other material will turn customers and business associates away in a heartbeat. Instead, offer something useful in between your daily promotions, whether it’s a helpful tip, a personal story, or even a fun, meaningful quotation to keep people interested.

Stopping at Friend-Finding

Lots of businesses make the mistake of thinking that the number of “friends” or “likes” they obtain equals success on their part. While it’s important to gain the trust of associates and customers by attracting their friendship on B2B social media, this is not where the work ends—nor does it indicate any real sales or visits to your actual business webpage. To obtain these things, you must offer a consistent presence with daily takeaways and offerings to your friend list, such as giveaways, coupons, special articles and other helpful information about your product or related news, and other incentives to click off the network and onto your site.

A Blind Eye to Free Research

A key mistake that many businesses make while using B2B social media marketing is ignoring the vast free research available at their fingertips. By linking directly with your potential business partners and clients through their social media presences, you have access to their “about me” sections that offer a plethora of information you would have previously had to pay researchers to obtain for you. You also have a free way to post surveys and polls, ask quick opinions in your status box, and glean other information rapidly without any cost to you. Use these tools to your advantage and include your target group’s interests in your work.

As B2B social media becomes more prevalent around the globe, it is imperative that businesses step up to the plate and create user-friendly, attractive profiles that are highly engaging to the user. While this free marketing is a boon, it is a double-edged sword since you are competing with a never ending pool of other businesses at the same time. Design and run your social media presences wisely, always providing information, tips, and even fun photos for people to comment on, and you will surely avoid falling into the pit with self-promotion heavy businesses.