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5 Reasons Big Data is Transforming the Way Businesses Look at Marketing

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Anyone who works online has likely heard the buzzword “big data” sometime in the last few years. Believe it or not, it is going to continue to effectively change the way marketing is done on the Internet.

What is big data?

1. More Personalization is Possible

With big data, companies have access to huge sets of data. Companies like Google, Facebook, and other leading social media sites have given us ways to track the likes, preferences, and sharing activities of our audiences. Other tools like analytics and webmaster tools allow marketers to track huge pools of audience member data, which allows a greater deal of research and personalization. With the information made available this way, companies are able to hone their marketing practices, and create content that audience members will truly engage with. When marketers can tap directly into the desires and needs of their audience members, marketing becomes a lot more efficient.

2. The Playing Field has Been Leveled

It’s safe to say that we live in a world that absolutely adores data. Your activity and behavior is tracked no matter who you are or what you’re doing online. There’s someone out there that stands to benefit from knowing about what you search for, and that someone is a marketer. Of course, getting this information used to involve talented researchers or the services of expensive firms. Now, companies can receive and interpret huge amounts of data without having to hire extra employees or pay for expensive contractors.

3. More Intelligent Marketing Decisions

Information about the way your audience members react to your marketing efforts, websites, and online presence in general used to be something of a mystery. Marketers certainly weren’t able to get precise information that allowed them to track the behavior of anyone engaging with their brand online. The advent of enterprise marketing has changed this however. Now, companies can observe — often in real-time — which tactics are working with their audience members. Decisions are now motivated by hard information rather than educated guesswork.

4. Predictions are Now Possible

Traditionally, marketers have been in something of a rear-facing position. It’s always been easy to see how past efforts work, but now marketers have the opportunity to conjecture as to how future efforts might work. Data pools that are accessible today make it a lot easier to surmise what audience members might wind up doing in response to a given call to action or landing page. This wasn’t possible in the past.

5. On-The-Fly Adjustments Can be Made

Now it’s possible to tweak and adjust marketing campaigns as soon as the data behind them is made available. If your audience isn’t responding the way you had hoped, you’ll find out within days instead of weeks or months. Since data is so much more readily available now, enterprise marketing has taken on a new sense of immediacy. If the data shows that the audience isn’t responding as expected, a change can be made almost immediately.

Big data is changing the way enterprise marketing is executed online. Now marketers are able to connect with audience members in ways that were heretofore impossible.

Image Source: Flickr/Joe Hall


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