Data Visualization

When data is depicted in some sort of visual manner, it is known as data visualization. This type of data display is available in many forms, from graphs to charts to word webs. This tool is so popular that there is software available strictly for producing these visual aids. Data visualization is helpful in marketing both behind the scenes in the planning stages as well as a public tool to help consumers see the benefits of a company’s goods and services.

Data Visualization Video

Organizing Data

During the planning phases of marketing, it is very helpful to have access to visual depictions of data. This data can range from consumer interests to the flow of supply and demand. Data visualization is a very popular tool in economics and marketing courses because it presents all of the information needed in one easy to use format. You can use visualization tools to organize your data into simple graphs and charts so you can easily pinpoint what you need to target in terms of your market it its demands. You can also use it to track company goals, possible solutions, brainstorming sessions for new marketing ideas and any other data, as well.

Market Pitches

You should present your research findings and marketing proposals in the pitch room with a visualization aid to quickly gain your audience’s attention. You should also point out key findings with these visual aids so that much of your work is done for you. Seeing concrete proof, such as statistics and proven facts, presented as hard data organized so cleanly and simply often helps executives make decisions about what they need to do or cut in terms of marketing. Adding this visual aid tool to a marketing repertoire is a good way to help illustrate points and secure the confidence and approval of a team.

Business Strategies

Even when a business team is small, visualization tools used to organize data are helpful. Rather than using them in a persuasive manner, a team can plug in their information and let the computer quickly help them locate the best strategies to pursue in a marketing campaign. A small t-shirt company, for example, can poll their customers and find out their ages, professions and interests with a few quick survey clicks per order. Then, they can enter this data into a visualization graph to quickly find out their target market and what types of t-shirts they need to focus on easily.

Consumer Confidence

Data visualization is a very powerful marketing tool to use with consumers as well. A company can present alarming statistics in a simple visualization pie chart to illustrate the dire need for their product. Conversely, a business can also produce the same type of visual aid with the positive effects that their goods and services have on those who purchase them. When customers can easily see these benefits outlined so simply, they are more likely to focus on the information than they might when it is presented as a lengthy paragraph or list of information.

Illustrated visualization graphs, charts and other media are powerful marketing tools to use both inside the marketing office as well as on business websites. A good chart can also become a viral piece of media to be passed around on social networking pages, increasing a business’s visibility with very little effort. Businesses that utilize data software for visualization purposes are much more likely to gain and keep consumer interest.