A younger generation of consumers is continuing to cause a massive shift in the market across all industries and sectors. Born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials are an economic force with $600B in annual buying power. In order for organizations to stay competitive and relevant, it’s important to begin marketing to Millennials by adjusting efforts strategically. Follow these 4 tips to expand your target audience to Millennials.

Optimize for Mobile and Tablet

It’s a fact – Millennials interact with digital media through their smartphones and tablets more often than desktop. Make sure your website, emails, landing pages, and all other digital content is designed to be responsive (mobile-friendly). A responsive design will recognize whether or not a user is on a desktop or a mobile device, and adjust the interface (or layout) of the page for the ultimate user-experience.

Connect through Social Media

Social media is the new SEO for brands targeting Millennials. Focus on reaching this audience via social ads and offers; quality content strategy drives Millennials to discover brands and businesses. 63% of Millennials are more likely to “check-in” to a business on social if it meant they’d receive a coupon or discount. Another tactic is to add a social gateway to an opportunity; for example, you can have the rest of this experience after sharing this offer with 5 friends. Not only does this generate online brand awareness and engagement, but it creates an opportunity to receive leads. Think: in-store check-in’s and exclusive discounts for subscribers.

Utilize Radio Ads

Radio ads may seem old-school, but about 93% of Millennials have reported listening to the radio for 11 hours per week. In fact, more Millennials listen to the radio than Gen-X or Baby Boomers. Podcasts are also becoming more popular than ever before; with endless sponsorship opportunities and ad spots. Advertising on the more popular podcasts usually costs between $25 and $40 for every thousand listeners, which is about 2-3x what it costs to advertise on regular radio.

The Experience

Young consumers often find the act of browsing for a purchase more compelling than the purchase itself. Millennials tend to crave the experience of shopping more than the actual purchase. Interactive in-store events are an engaging way to reach this younger audience.

For example, in 2017, ECCO shoes needed a campaign strategy for launching numerous stores across the country; a strategy that appealed to Millennials but didn’t abandon their loyal, Baby Boomer customer base. After analyzing their two target demographics, 36 developed a campaign strategy that would effectively reach both. An engaging and interactive in-store experience (comprised of entertainment and giveaways) amongst digital assets, and radio/web ads were created to reach Millennials effectively.

36 developed “Venture Further,” a campaign designed to inject a youthful vibrancy and color into ECCO’s new stores. For Millennial customers (who are focused on curating their own personal style) we presented fresh, contemporary styles of footwear that push the boundaries of what they wear into a more premium world. For their loyal Baby Boomer customers, the campaign represented how they can (literally) go further without discomfort because of how comfortable the shoes are.

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