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5 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Mobile Presence

Mobile Importance

Your company has finally gotten with the times and made a website. Now, online gurus are suggesting you make a separate, mobile site as well. It seems like a lot of hassle. Is it worth it? In short, yes, and here’s why.

1) Surfing  with  a  Mobile  is  Becoming  More  Common

Most people have a smart phone of some description nowadays. For some, mobile surfing has completely replaced the desktop computer. The numbers of mobile users who access the internet entirely through their phone is growing exponentially every year. If a business’s site is not formatted for access from a mobile phone, these millions of users won’t even see it.  A good design company will have some ideas for managing mobile marketing. Ask the firm that did the regular website, they may have a mobile division.

2) People  Make  Purchases  via  Mobile

By installing a purchasing app in your mobile site, sales can skyrocket. People who are out and about may go bargain hunting online for an object they see in a store, and by having a mobile site with the ability to make a purchase built in, customers are much more likely to make their purchase right then and there. Mobile app development regarding purchasing apps is getting better and more sophisticated all the time. Experiment with existing purchasing apps, and find one that is the most user friendly.

3) Keeping  Customers  Engaged

There are whole hosts of mobile tools that can enhance customer experience. From apps that remind the customer about sales, to small mobile games featuring your company, the mobile experience means that businesses have a direct connection to their customers. Mobile marketing firms are coming up with new ways every day to maximize the use of the technology, and these ideas may be just the beginning. Look at what sorts of apps other businesses are using to get an idea of what to ask a developer about.

4) Tools  for  People  on  the  Go

Where is your business? What are the hours? Do you have any of a specific product in stock? These are questions that many people don’t think to ask until they are en route, or maybe they’re considering an unplanned stop in at your business. By having a mobile presence such as a mobile accessible website, you allow your customers to access this information with ease. This can save your employees from answering as many questions over the phone, and let them focus on more important things.

5) Coupon  Apps

Coupon apps are huge with bargain hunters, and are one of the fastest growing mobile app types. Coupon apps can offer sales to specific customers who have participated in a marketing campaign, such as sharing on Facebook, or even serve the purpose of old style mail circulars. Shoppers like to patronize a business with good deals, and many people consider finding the best deal a point of pride. By having an app that sends the coupons right to them, customers save time hunting, and there’s less chance they’ll miss out on the deal if it’s on their phone.

Mobile phone use is the wave of the future, and even small businesses can increase their revenue with mobile app development. Keeping abreast of the latest mobile trends can make your mobile site version and any accompanying apps the most effective.


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