Small Business Mobile App

Mobile app development for small business is one way for you to use the Internet to make your business grow quickly and with ease. Just like social media, blogging and SEO, mobile apps are a form of marketing. The exception is that they are easily accessible on smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Let’s take a look at just how exactly mobile app design can help your small business.

1) Strengthen the Brand

Mobile app development for small business has been shown to strengthen brands. Murdock University and Indiana University researchers have discovered that mobile apps have a positive influence on the popularity of a brand and on the intentions of customers to make a purchase. In a study, participants rated several brands an average 5.25 out of 7 before using their mobile app. After using the app, the brands were rated an average 5.49. The research made it clear that mobile apps allow people to relate to their desires and needs.

2) Build Customer Relationships

The same interaction that strengthens the brand of your business will also help build relationships with your customers. People like to be able to interact with the businesses they purchase products and services from. This includes an easy way to contact customer service, leaving feedback about products and services they have used and getting updates on discounts and special deals for certain purchases. Mobile app development for small business can help you do all of this.

3) Share Information and Promotions in Real Time

Being able to get the newest information and promotions fast and in real time is a perk that consumers like about mobile apps. If you have a restaurant, for example, you could show seating times on the app. If you frequently have discounts, specials and other promotions, you can update this information with mobile app development for small business as well. There’s also the possibility of comparing competitors’ prices to your lower prices.

4) Ease of Access and Convenience

The ease of access and convenience mobile app design offers consumers can’t be overlooked either. Customers like to be able to find the product and service they want, purchase it and begin using it as soon as possible. Mobile apps allow them to do this no matter where are: out shopping, on a flight and even at home. In fact, many consumers like to use their smart phone or tablet more than pulling out their laptop or desktop.

5) Account Management

Part of this convenience and ease of access includes being able to manage an account. Customers like to be able to see a record of their purchases and save address and payment information so they don’t have to reenter it every time they buy something. They also like to have the ability of tracking when their purchases will arrive or be available to them for virtual use. Account management also includes setting up how often they get notifications or emails from your business.

Don’t make the mistake of believing that your small business won’t benefit from a simple mobile app. Statistics show that adults spend more time using mobile media sources than they read physical newspapers and magazines combined. Advertising through mobile app development for small business is also expected to grow in 2013, so don’t get left behind.