The number of people who use smart phones is growing at a phenomenal rate each year. As a result, most advertisers and businesses are well aware that they need to embrace the use of mobile marketing techniques if they would like to see a continual rise in their company’s sales figures. Here are just a few examples of various companies who made the most of their mobile marketing campaigns over the past year or two.

1. RedBox

Recently, this company ran a 10-day long marketing campaign that required customers to send a text message with the word ‘DEALS’ to 727272. In return, the customers then stood a chance to win discounts of between 10 cents and $1.50 when they placed their next DVD rental order with RedBox. The campaign was called “The 10 Days of Deals” and it resulted in the generation of close to 1.5 million text messages from around 400,000 customers.

2. Ford Motor Company

Ford made use of an excellent mobile marketing strategy to promote the release of their new Escape and Taurus models recently. All that was required was for people who wanted more information on the vehicles to send a text with the word ‘FORD’ to 63611. These customers were contacted and asked which vehicle they wanted further information on and they were then asked to provide their names and local zip codes as well. This info was sent to local Ford dealerships, where follow up calls were made to clients, resulting in an astounding 15.4% conversion rate.

3. Lifetouch Portrait Studios

Although this company was already running a retail-based marketing campaign, it was also looking for ways to grow its mobile customer database a little faster. They decided to run a $5 discount promotion to customers who chose to opt in to their mobile marketing campaign as well, and as a result, Lifetouch saw a 163% increase in their customer opt-in rates.

4. Starbucks Mobile Payments

Starbucks decided to make paying for a daily dose of coffee easier than ever by introducing its Starbucks Card Mobile App. All customers have to do to pay for their morning fix now after downloading the app is to load credit on to the app and then have their phone’s screen scanned at the checkout. This app is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android users.

5. National Wholesale Liquidators

This company offered $5 off purchases of $25 or more if customers were willing to opt in to the company’s new mobile marketing campaign. This not only enabled it to build a database of more than 50,000 customer contact numbers; research done after the campaign also showed that the customers who had opted in to the campaign spent as much as 80% more than those who hadn’t.

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