Although most people spend a lot of time staring at their smartphones, the range of mobile advertising options that are currently available to brand marketers until now has been severely limited. However, the introduction of Facebook Canvas looks set to change that for the better for a few reasons.

Easy to Work with

One of the main advantages of the platform is that its authoring environment doesn’t require any form of specific coding knowledge to create. Although creating high quality content will still cost money to produce no matter what, using Canvas will enable marketers to spend their budgets in other more important areas. Most people who have tested the platform have reported that it can take as little as 10 minutes to put a basic advert together from start to finish.

Facebook Canvas – It’s Fast

When clicking on a Canvas advert, users are instantly directed to an app-like brand experience. Nowadays, engagement is what it is all about, which is why having the full screen function on offer that is also completely interactive, will help ensure that a brand can be properly showcased. Although Canvas isn’t the first type of immersive ad format that has been developed, it is certainly proving to be one of the fastest. This means that there is less chance of mobile device users abandoning the advert because it takes too long to load.

Exiting is Simple

Most users of mobile devices have experienced some level of frustration at not being able to easily exit an advert after it has served its purpose. Adverts created in Canvas have a small arrow in the top left corner where users can swipe over to exit them and return to their regular Facebook feed within a second or so at the most. Users will be more eager to engage with these adverts because they have the ability to make a quick exit once they are done or they find that it is not suitable for them.

An Ideal Solution

Content marketing is the latest rage at present, and brands are finally acknowledging that if they want to connect with customers, they will need to develop and create marketing that their customers will be willing to consume. Facebook Canvas provides the ideal solution to this because, with more than 1 billion people around the world using the social media site, an advert placed on it has the ability to be reached by a substantial proportion of them. An added benefit is that when marketers pay for impressions on Canvas, they know that they will in fact be getting their money’s worth.

Recent experimentation revealed that Facebook boasted 12- and 18-second engagement rates in pilots that were done with Coca-Cola and Asus. However, in order to obtain – and keep – rates like these, it will be essential for brands to create and share top quality content at all times. Although it is expected that other similar platforms will emerge over time, this remains to be seen.