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SEO and Website Development — A Powerful Union

It's A Union!

Having a beautiful and responsive website is extremely important but we can’t forget about SEO when the initial stages of website development start. Proper onsite SEO can help a websites visibility almost immediately out of the gates which is why it is crucial to understand the steps taken prior to planning. SEO and website development can go hand in hand when creating a powerful website platform so give it some thought when you first start the process.

Here are some important steps to take when considering a new website design.

301  Redirects

If you have a website now that has been lingering in the search space for a number of years you are going to want to retain some of the age and natural power that site has generated. Believe it or not a website just sitting in the search engines for any amount of time has a stronger advantage over a brand new domain. If you are creating a new website on a new domain (URL) or even a new platform you are going to want to create a 301 redirect from any old relevant pages to the corresponding new pages your new site has. This will channel over any existing power to the new website giving your new site a bit of a jolt when it first goes live.

What is a 301 redirect? Let Matt Cutts answer that for you.

Keyword  Research

Understanding how people search in your industry can give you valuable insight as to how to construct your new sitemap. Imagine if you offer a solution or service that triggers your audience to search by industry type? You can now create a whole new section on your site with industry specific pages that can be very powerful when those particular searches are conducted. Would you have known that if you didn’t conduct keyword research prior? Probably not.

Content  Writing

Good website SEO is nothing without some content to back it. Sure there are many different elements that fall into place when it comes to onsite search engine optimization but content is one of the more important areas to think about when designing and developing your new website. When thinking about your website design think about leaving room for ample content, especially on your main services or solutions pages. Search engines love content!

URL  Structures

Even your URL structures through your site hold valuable SEO potential. Don’t squander it on numerical characters or less than robust text. Give it some SEO juice, it will only help.


  • Poor SEO:
  • Good SEO:

By adding those additional few keywords in the URL structure you give that page a much stronger opportunity to be visible within the pages of search. If you are changing web platforms and your URL structures have to change now is a good time to think about making them as optimized as possible.



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